Dirty dancing?

Tonight, the ECW crowd in Minneapolis and the viewers on Sci Fi will get a special treat. Sultry RAW Diva Candice Michelle will be in the house of extreme to do some dancing with ECW Vixen Kelly Kelly.

Last night on WWE.com Unlimited, Paul Heyman extended the invitation for Candice to have a dance-off with Kelly. She declined, instead telling Heyman that she wanted to dance WITH Kelly instead. Being the genius that he is, the ECW representative immediately made the deal. (WATCH the video)

So tonight, the Playboy cover girl and the gorgeous exhibitionist will be dancing the night away in the Twin Cities. Obviously, pretty much every male ECW fan (and possibly some of the ladies as well) is looking forward to their meeting. However, Candice may be the one who is most excited.

“(I’m) the hottest Diva in WWE; I need to live up to that,” Candice told ECW.com. “She’s really hot, and since she’s in ECW I thought I’d (come to ECW) and see just how hot she is. I don’t think you can expect anything less of me.”

So, there’s really only one question everyone wants the answer to: what’s going to happen tonight? Of course, Candice wouldn’t divulge any secrets.

“I should go full out and put on a good show,” she said. “When you get both of us together, you never know what’s going to happen.”

Whatever it is, it’s guaranteed to be one of the hottest moments in ECW history. Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi tonight at 10/9 CT to feel the heat yourself.

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