World's Strongest scam

World's Strongest scam

BATON ROUGE, La. -- WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas made a special, Extreme appearance on Tuesday night as a guest ring announcer on ECW on Sci Fi during a non-title match between Tommy Dreamer and ECW Champion Mark Henry. While Atlas exchanged words with Henry earlier in the evening, and Dreamer offered Atlas a chance to be in the ECW Original's corner, Atlas proved to be more than a guest ring announcer on Tuesday night.

Dreamer, who was seeking revenge on Henry for beating Colin Delaney, causing the Original to lose a chance at the ECW Title, was crushed by the World's Strongest Champion, thanks to help from Atlas. After Delaney attempted to trip Henry, Atlas tossed the youngster into the announce table, distracting Dreamer. The ECW Champ took advantage of the situation, delivering a World's Strongest Slam to Dreamer. WWE Hall of Famer Atlas celebrated in the ECW ring with the Extreme Champion. With a Hall of Famer in his corner, who will stop the World's Strongest Champ? (WATCH)

Also on Tuesday night, as WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison boasted about their in and out of the ring talents, they were interrupted by Finlay & Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle blasted the WWE Tag Team Champs with a water pistol, and his father attacked them with a shillelagh, much to our Baton Rouge fans' delight. Their disruption turned into a match, thanks to ECW General Manager Theodore Long. Finlay continued his winning streak, defeating The Miz, thanks to the help of his son's distraction. Will the father and son duo continue their hot streak or will the WWE Tag Team Champions prevail in this heated rivalry?

Still seething after his loss to Ricky Ortiz last week on ECW, former GM Armando Estrada demanded a rematch against the newcomer. But new GM Long had another thing on his mind -- ECW's New Superstar Initiative. Long forced the contract-less Estrada to face ECW's newest Superstar, Braden Walker. Once again, Estrada was defeated by another new Extreme Superstar. Will Estrada ever be able to prove himself in the Land of the Extreme? How will successful newcomer Walker affect Tuesday nights? (WATCH)

Finally, Evan Bourne, another ECW Superstar looking to make a name for himself, picked up a win. Bourne faced Nunzio on Tuesday night, and the young high-flyer proved he wasn't bothered by a recent loss to Mike Knox. Bourne, who says he defies the odds by defying gravity, rekindled his confidence after defeating Nunzio with a soaring shooting star. What's next for this newcomer in the Land of the Extreme?

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