Extreme mismatch

Extreme mismatch

TULSA, Okla. - After bringing the ECW Championship back home to the Land of the Extreme -- proving triumphant in an epic Triple Threat Match with Kane and Big Show at Night of Champions -- ECW Champion Mark Henry celebrated with a crushing victory over the courageous Colin Delaney. (WATCH)

Earlier in the evening, Tommy Dreamer -- with Delaney in tow -- interrupted Henry and questioned whether the World's Strongest Man actually knew what it meant to hold the coveted extreme title. After challenging Henry, the unimpressed new champion proclaimed that if young Delaney could beat him, he would give Dreamer his opportunity. Unfortunately for the ECW Original, although Delaney possessed the heart and soul of ECW, he could not overcome such enormous odds.

As part of his New Superstar Initiative, ECW General Manager Theodore Long introduced Atlas Ortiz, the latest addition to the ECW roster. The newcomer made a notable first impression, scoring a victory over former ECW GM Armando Estrada in his debut match.

In a fast and furious Six-Man Tag Team Match, United States Champion Matt Hardy teamed with fellow ECW draftees Finlay & Hornswoggle to defeat WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison & their partner Chavo Guerrero. After Hardy delivered the Twist of Fate to Morrison, and Hornswoggle dropped the Tadpole Splash on Guerrero, Finlay finished off the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" with an authoritative Celtic Cross.

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