World's Strongest clash before The Bash

World's Strongest clash before The Bash

MILWAUKEE -- Mark Henry, Christian, Jack Swagger and Finlay all have their eyes set on Tommy Dreamer's ECW Championship. In the final ECW on Sci Fi before this Sunday's Bash, all five Extreme Superstars in the ECW Championship Scramble clashed, but The World's Strongest Man gained the upper hand.

Jack Swagger & Mark Henry def. ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer & Christian (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Four of the five Superstars competing in the ECW Championship Scramble at The Bash this Sunday squared off in tag team action on Tuesday night. Christian came close to a victory after hitting the Killswitch on Jack Swagger, but WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas interfered, continuing the match. ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer then assaulted Atlas outside of the ring, prompting Mark Henry to attack Christian, shoving him into the ring post. Henry then tossed Christian back into the ring, allowing Swagger to hit the Gutwrench Powerbomb on the ailing Captain Charisma for the win. 

When Dreamer went to check on his tag team partner after the match, Henry attacked the ECW Champion with a World's Strongest Slam. Then as Swagger stared down at Dreamer and Christian, his own tag team partner also picked him up and hit him with a World's Strongest Slam, too. 

Henry has sent a clear warning to his Bash opponents -- The World's Strongest Man is determined to leave Sacramento, Calif., with the ECW Championship in his arms, and he'll steamroll through anyone who gets in his way. But who will win the ECW Championship Scramble at The Bash? Watch it live, only on pay-per-view, this Sunday at 8/7 CT.

Finlay def. Zack Ryder (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The Man Who Loves to Fight offered the WWE Universe an explanation to the WWE Universe for his recent actions. Finlay said he attacked Dreamer, Christian and Swagger on last week's ECW because he suffered a scratched cornea earlier this month while breaking up a fight between Dreamer and Christian, who apparently half-heartedly apologized via text message. The injury left Finlay out of action for several weeks, wondering if his WWE career was finished. "So what I did last week was not a cheap shot. It was not a stab in the back. It was an eye for an eye," he said.

Soon after his explanation, Finlay faced off against Zack Ryder -- the brash Superstar who calls himself "the man" on ECW. The young Superstar proved he's strong and agile in the ring, but after targeting Finlay's eye, it seemed The Fighting Irishman was re-injured. While Finlay was down on the mat, Ryder exposed a turnbuckle. The ECW Official noticed and turned his back on the action and Finlay stole a victory, pinning Ryder while holding his tights. As Finlay walked up the ramp nursing his swollen eye, Ryder could only complain to the ECW Official who didn't see his opponent cheat to win. But will Finlay's injury affect his performance in the ECW Championship Scramble at The Bash this Sunday?

Evan Bourne def. Tyson Kidd (PHOTOS)
After Evan Bourne was not only defeated by Mark Henry last week, but also repeatedly hit with The World's Strongest Slam, it's a wonder the high-flying Superstar was able to compete on Tuesday's ECW. But "Air" Bourne, whose injured ribs were noticeably taped again, not only competed, but defeated Tyson Kidd with an amazing Shooting Star Press. This victory came after the ECW Official ejected Kidd's meddling Hart Dynasty counterparts, David Hart Smith and Natalya, from ringside. Will The Hart Dynasty avenge Kidd's loss to Bourne?

A mysterious masked man appears (WATCH)
Just as Gregory Helms began an interview with Mark Henry and WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas, a stagehand became pinned beneath a large case which was knocked off a forklift. Then, a mysterious masked man aided the stagehand, as only Henry and Atlas looked on. This unexplained appearance lasted mere moments, as Helms was ready to continue his backstage interview with the flabbergasted Henry and Atlas. Who was this masked man and how will he impact ECW?

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