Extreme Momentum

The sophomore edition of ECW on Sci Fi was nothing short of a major success for Team ECW. Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle thrived in their debut as a tag team, and Sabu had an extreme warm up as all three men generated momentum for their huge matches this Sunday at Vengeance.

The ECW World Heavyweight Champion and the Wrestling Machine proved to be the unstoppable duo that everyone expected them to be when they dominated WWE representatives Randy Orton and Edge. The contest, which on paper would appear to be a classic confrontation between four of the wrestling world's best turned into a chaotic brawl typical of what one can expect in an ECW ring. Van Dam, who was competing in his first match on ECW on Sci Fi, brought nothing less than his A-game. RVD used a variety of martial arts kicks, both from the mat, and the top turnbuckle in neutralizing his WWE opponents. At one point, Van Dam appeared to be ready to put the match away when he set up Orton for the Rolling Thunder, but interference from Lita sent RVD crashing over the top rope to the arena floor. Team WWE tried to take advantage, and Orton even hit a RKO on Angle, but on this night, in front of their loyal ECW fanbase, Van Dam and Angle were not going to be denied. The newly crowned Champion used his WWE Championship to block a spear attempt from Edge, and then capitalized by delivering a devastating 5-Star Frogsplash to give ECW the victory, and the advantage heading into Vengeance. (watch the video)

In the hours leading up to the show, the ECW locker room was on high alert for the appearance of a vengeful John Cena. Nobody in ECW doubted the former WWE Champion's toughness, but after this night, many will doubt his sanity. After entering the building through the backdoor to a welcoming party consisting of no fewer than a half-dozen hardcore rebels, Cena made Paul Heyman and Sabu an offer that he will almost surely regret come Sunday. "That was a hell of a stunt you pulled last night. I'm sure that maniacal brain of yours has something extreme planned for me this Sunday, but I'm here because I have an offer. If you want me this Sunday, bring anybody you want. In fact, bring everyone you got. My offer for you at Vengeance, John Cena and Sabu in an Extreme Lumberjack Match. You see, I'm man enough to stare an ass kicking in the face, as long as I get the chance to go down swinging. Do we have a deal?" Moments later, Sabu accepted, and the match was finalized. (watch the video)

Prior to the shocking challenge, Sabu had his final hardcore warm up for the big Vengeance showdown. In singles action, ECW's resident death-defying maniac took on the F.B.I.'s Tony Mamaluke, who was led to the ring by the Full Bodied Italian, Trinity. Mamaluke gave a spirited effort, but on this night, he was in the ring with a motivated and focused Sabu. As usual, the homicidal hardcore veteran turned up the violence. Sabu reached into his arsenal and pulled out a steel chair and a table en route to victory as he mounted his final push towards Vengeance. (watch the video)

Last week on the inaugural ECW on Sci Fi, Big Show made his presence felt in the first ever Extreme Battle Royal. This week, Tommy Dreamer showed the balls that earned him the adulation and respect of the ECW fanbase when he addressed the newest member of Extreme Championship Wrestling. "Last week in the battle royal, you were dominant. You got your very first taste of what it's like to be hardcore, but if you wanna feel the heart and the passion of ECW, and if you wanna make a name for yourself here, then you have to go through me." With that, the Innovator of Violence slapped the oversized ECW newcomer across the face, igniting a fuse in the Big Show which traditionally means the end of any adversary. Show proceeded to unleash a brutal assault on Dreamer including his newest maneuver, a modified cobra clutch backbreaker which left Tommy helpless as Big Show left the ring. (watch the video)

Also on last week's show, Kelly, the enthusiastic 19 year-old exhibitionist, vowed to show the world all of her assets. On this week's show, Kelly was back, promising once again to show the fans in attendance and the viewers watching on Sci Fi what being an exhibitionist was all about. Midway through her erotic and suggestive dance routine, an unknown male emerged and wrapped a towel around Kelly before escorting her off the stage. The identity of the man remains unknown at this time. (watch the video)

Earlier in the show, a character known only as Macho Libre made his way to the ring and tried to run down the ECW product. Seemingly on cue, The Sandman executed a repeat performance from the ECW on Sci Fi world premiere. Entering through the crowd, the beer drinking hardcore icon made quick work of Macho, using his trademark cane to decimate the unwanted outsider, in doing so, saving the ECW fans from any further insult.

With Vengeance in clear sight, Team ECW has seized all the momentum. This Sunday, the WWE Superstars might be on their home field, but they will be fighting an uphill battle when ECW's hardcore rebels come to town.

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