Colossal staredown

Colossal staredown

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Less than two weeks before their Night of Champions match, ECW Champion Kane and Big Show took part in a colossal staredown on ECW on Sci Fi. General Manager Theodore Long offered the Night of Champions opponents an open forum to speak their minds before next Sunday.

Big Show pointed out that he's been an opponent, partner and champion alongside Kane, but now the Big Red Machine has something he wants -- the ECW Championship. The World's Largest Athlete -- who said he went through hell to earn his Night of Champions match -- promised he'll take back the Extreme gold next Sunday. Kane, determined to retain, had these words for Big Show: "Well, big man, hell is standing right here in front of you."

While the two Superstars stood toe-to-toe in the middle of the ECW ring, Mark Henry marched down the ramp with an important message: save your strength.

"Because if I'm not drafted Monday night, you can bet your bottom dollar that after Night of Champions, whichever one of you two is holding the ECW title, I'm coming after," the World's Strongest Man claimed.

The Big Red Machine and his Night of Champions opponent didn't take Henry's big statement lightly, as the duo brutally double-chokeslammed him to the ECW mat, before continuing their staredown.

In other ECW action, Matt Striker thought he'd teach a lesson or two to newcomer Evan Bourne. But "Your Teacher's" lesson plan went awry when the high-flying youngster hit Striker with a standing moonsault and a shooting star press for the pin to win the match. But Bourne's celebration was cut short when Mike Knox -- who Bourne beat last week in tag action with Kofi Kingston -- entered the ring and attacked him.

Knox's assault on Bourne fired him up for his upcoming bout with Kingston, but their match was interrupted by the Superstar who ended Kingston's winning streak -- Shelton Benjamin. ECW's Gold Standard attacked the Jamaican Superstar mid-match, leading to Kingston's win by disqualification. But during their scuffle, Benjamin accidentally kicked Knox, allowing Kingston to escape the ring. (WATCH)

Also on Tuesday night, former General Manager Armando Estrada continued to try to impress new GM Theodore Long when he faced Hornswoggle. But Estrada and Hornswoggle's match quickly turned into a virtual comedy routine, when SmackDown's littlest Superstar stole Estrada's cigar, broke it in half and boldly threw it at him. Then Estrada tripped and fell when Hornswoggle tossed a bucket of marbles on the ground. The shenanigans -- complete with a blow-up shillelagh, water pistols and Finlay -- finally ended after Hornswoggle hit Estrada with a tadpole splash off the top rope for the win, giving the small Superstar momentum going into his WWE Tag Team Championship match at Night of Champions.

One-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, John Morrison, who will defend his gold alongside The Miz against Hornswoggle & Finlay next Sunday, met CM Punk this week on ECW. Mr. Money in the Bank took his briefcase all the way to the Extreme winner's circle on Tuesday when he hit the Shaman of Sexy with a Go To Sleep for the win. An angry Miz came to his fellow Tag Champ's side after his loss to proclaim they will remain WWE Tag Team Champions at Night of Champions. More on this story…

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