Eyeing the competition

Eyeing the competition

Eye for an eye. It's a harsh form of justice that is often called upon in only the gravest of situations. On Tuesday night, Finlay saw fit to implement this proverb and take the law of the Extreme into his own hands.

After David Hart Smith defeated Christian on ECW on Sci Fi, Finlay ran to the ring and chased away The Hart Dynasty, who were continuing to abuse Captain Charisma. Despite what seemed to initially be the case, the Irishman was not there to help the former ECW Champion. Instead, he laid his shillelagh across Christian's skull in what would later be revealed as an act of retribution.

"Where I come from there's a little saying," Finlay explained to Gregory Helms after the attack. "An eye for an eye, and that's what it'll be."

Finlay wasn't done there. After ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer dropped a non-title match to Jack Swagger, the WWE veteran was there once again, this time delivering a blow to the ECW Original. Christian joined the other Superstars, only to be cast from the squared circle, and like Dreamer and Christian, Swagger also received a dose of Finlay's headache-inducing medicine.

The Irishman who loves to fight was fighting beside Dreamer and Christian just two weeks earlier in six-man tag team action. Encounters involving these three Superstars almost always begin and end with a respectful handshake, whether the meeting is in or out of the ring. That was until two weeks ago when Finlay attempted to break up his bickering teammates only to receive a scratched cornea.

Did Finlay's eye injury prompt his aggressive return to ECW? What about Swagger, who was not involved in that altercation but received a shillelagh to the head anyway? Perhaps there is even more to the madness than literally observing "eye for an eye."

Find out on ECW on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT.

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