An Extreme Debut

On Tuesday night, Extreme Championship Wrestling made its long awaited return to national television. On the action packed world premiere, Rob Van Dam declared himself the new ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Paul Heyman was assaulted by John Cena, Sandman defeated a Zombie and Sabu won an Extreme Battle Royal and the right to face WWE's John Cena at Vengeance.

The highly anticipated world premiere of ECW on Sci Fi opened with the much talked about the presentation of the new ECW World Heavyweight Championship to Rob Van Dam. Instead of disposing of the WWE Championship as many expected him to do, Van Dam elected to hold on to the gold.

The special moment, however, did not last long. Edge, who will challenge Van Dam for the WWE Championship at Vengeance, interrupted the celebration. After a few kind words, which were later revealed to be a set up, Edge speared RVD, and attempted to escape through the crowd. Thinking he was in the clear, Edge stopped to taunt both RVD, and a stunned Paul Heyman. When Edge turned around, John Cena was waiting for him. The two former WWE Champions brawled back to the ringside area where RVD joined the fray. After a low blow to Van Dam, Edge again retreated through the crowd. With RVD disabled, Cena took advantage of the situation and delivered a knockout blow to Paul Heyman. With that, the ECW locker room emptied and Cena hightailed it through the crowd. Watch: Video

Following the assault, Paul Heyman addressed John Cena and the Sovereign Bank Arena crowd. “You want extreme? You wanna feel extreme? You wanna learn what extreme is all about? Tonight, everything I had planned for this show is out the window. I’m going to take 10 of ECW’s best and there going to go out to the ring for an extreme Battle Royal. All weapons are legal, the winner of the extreme Battle Royal is going to face John Cena at Vengeance, and just as important he is going to join ECW as we take the fight to Monday Night RAW.”  Watch: Video

The Battle Royal, which included ECW veterans Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Danny Doring, Roadkill, Al Snow, Stevie Richards, Tony Mamaluke, Little Guido, Big Guido, Balls Mahoney and ECW newcomer Big Show, lived up to it’s billing and more. Using an arsenal of weapons, which included a steel chair, trash can and a variety of street signs, the hardcore wrestlers put their bodies on the line in an attempt to make a statement on ECW’s historic re-debut. Big Show eliminated no fewer than a half dozen of his fellow ECW wrestlers, but in the end, it wasn’t enough as ECW legend Sabu used a chair to eliminate Big Show, and earn a trip to Vengeance where he will meet John Cena in a rematch of their meeting at WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head.

The inaugural match of ECW on Sci Fi may go down as the shortest match in ECW history. Living up to his moniker as the Hardcore Icon, Sandman made quick work of the mysterious character known only as the Zombie. With trademark beers and Singapore cane in hand, The Sandman brutally assaulted the Zombie and recorded a quick pinfall for the victory. Watch: Video

The new face of ECW, Kurt Angle, made his Sci Fi debut a memorable one. The Wrestling Machine dominated ECW veteran Justin Credible with an incredible display of aggressive shoot style wrestling, showing the Trenton, New Jersey fans what the new Kurt Angle is all about. After the match, Angle addressed RAW’s Randy Orton, who will be his opponent at Vengenace. “Orton, I’m going to do the same thing to you at Vengeance as I did to you at One Night Stand, which is to make you tap out. You’re looking at the new face of ECW.”

Also on the Sci-Fi premiere, viewers were introduced to the ‘Tease of the Week’, Kelly. The blonde bombshell revealed herself to be an exhibitionist, and performed an extreme dance for the fans the likes of which has never been seen on Sci-Fi before. Watch: Video

If you thought the world premiere was extreme, you haven’t seen anything yet. ECW is live every Tuesday at 10/9 CT and only on Sci Fi.

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