Early challenge

Early challenge

FRESNO, Calif. -- While standing in the ring, Mark Henry called Big Show out from the locker room area to address the World's Largest Athlete. After Big Show entered the ring, the World's Strongest Man revealed he wants to be the first Superstar to take him on in a title match after the Night of Champions encounter between Big Show and ECW Champion Kane. (WATCH)

Henry offered up a congratulatory good luck handshake, but Big Show kept their massive mitts locked so that Henry could not withdraw and declared, "If you keep campaigning for an ass-whoopin', you're going to get elected."

After Big Show's harsh words, Henry broke the grip and backed out of the ring. As Henry made his exit, Big Show reminded our fans that luck will have nothing to do with his Night of Champions victory, and he would walk away that night as the new ECW Champion.

Next, as Big Show exited the ring, he came face-to-face with none other than his Night of Champions opponent, ECW Champion Kane, who was entering the ring for a tag team match with CM Punk against the WWE Tag Team Champions. The two giants were locked in a stare for a few moments before Big Show stepped aside and let Kane continue to the ring.

Now that Henry and Big Show have made their intentions known, what might Kane have to say about the future of the ECW Championship?

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