Dreamer earns his place in ECW history

Dreamer earns his place in ECW history

Names like Shane Douglas, Tazz and Sandman decorate the annals of ECW. With exception to one April night in 2000, however, Tommy Dreamer was not among those names … until now.

The name Tommy Dreamer has been synonymous with ECW. He was there at the very beginning and has survived all the way to 2009 as the only remaining ECW Original Superstar on the roster. He has carried a chip on his shoulder, forever aspiring to earn the ECW Championship, and he never quit along the way, literally paying in blood and bones for the opportunity to present itself.

At the beginning of the year, Dreamer made a promise to himself and to the WWE Universe that he would achieve his dream and become ECW Champion by the end of his contract on June 6. After two missed chances thanks to illegal interference by Jack Swagger in his title matches against Christian, Dreamer was awarded a one-day contract extension by interim General Manager Tiffany, allowing him in the Triple Threat Hardcore Rules ECW Title Match at Extreme Rules.

The look on the ECW Original's face when he heard the referee count to three made it impossible for any viewer not to smile. What started as a childhood dream and then grew into a passion became a reality. And while so much of the world already considered him there, Dreamer is now officially at the top of the Extreme franchise.

With so many people claiming to redefine the Land of the Extreme, how will the ECW jungle look with Dreamer as king? How will the likes of Swagger and Christian respond to the ECW Original as their new champion? Find out on ECW on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT.

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