New, Extreme manager in town

New, Extreme manager in town

LOS ANGELES -- Holla! Holla! Playa, there's a new General Manager in the Land of the Extreme, and his name is Theodore Long. On the former SmackDown Manager's first night, there was plenty of action on ECW on Sci Fi.

It was CM Punk vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. John Morrison in a Fatal Four Way Match, and Mr. Money in the Bank proved his worth on ECW. He hit Guerrero with a GTS, earning his chance to face Kane later in the night. The Big Red Machine was victorious over Punk, but after the match, WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison intervened. They attacked Kane and left the Big Red Machine lying in the ECW ring.

Also on ECW, newcomer Matt Sydal met Shelton Benjamin, as the Jamaican Sensation, Kofi Kingston, joined Mike Adamle and Tazz at the ECW announce table. ECW's Gold Standard was victorious by count-out, but his celebration came to a halt when Kingston rushed the ring and a battle ensued between he and Benjamin. The Gold Standard had the last laugh, though, after he threw Kingston into the steel stairs, leaving him writhing in pain on the ground.

Finally on Tuesday night, former ECW General Manager Armando Estrada was livid about losing his prestigious position. In an attempt to prove to new GM Long that he's worth his salary, Estrada faced SmackDown's United States Champion, Matt Hardy, and lost. Immediately after, ECW newcomer Colin Delaney took on Estrada, and once again Estrada was defeated. Long took away Estrada's ECW contract and told him he must keep his mouth shut and earn it back. More on this story…

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