Holla! Theodore Long is Extreme

Holla! Theodore Long is Extreme

LOS ANGELES -- Theodore Long shocked the world two weeks ago when he quit as the Assistant General Manager of SmackDown. He went on to shake the very foundation of the Land of the Extreme tonight when he was named the new General Manager of ECW.

Much to the surprise of former GM Armando Estrada, Long was shown his new office as the night began, as per the orders of WWE's Board of Directors. The powers-that-be had concluded that since Estrada was now an active member of the ECW roster and had signed himself to a highly lucrative contract, he could no longer be the man in charge.

The new General Manager wasted little time in doing what he does best -- making ground breaking decisions and matches. Long told Estrada that because of McMahon's Million Dollar Mania, he financially could not carry the heavy contract of the former GM-turned-Superstar, but would give Armando the opportunity to prove himself in a match against United States Champion Matt Hardy.

Hardy proved why he carries the prestigious gold, defeating Estrada with a Twist of Fate. It was then that GM Long delivered his own twist to Estrada, calling for a second match right then -- prompting Long to usher out Colin Delaney -- a Superstar who had felt the wrath of Estrada for many weeks. Delaney pinned Estrada, perhaps delivering payback for weeks of hell.

Adding insult to Estrada's loss, the GM fired him on the spot, telling the former GM and overpaid Superstar that he would let him wrestle, but not as a contracted Superstar -- having to earn his contract back -- the same treatment Estrada had given to Delaney.

The new ECW General Manager made sure his first night in the Land of the Extreme was a memorable one, showing the Superstars of ECW that he is a man of his word. Long's track record at the helm of SmackDown should be more than enough on his résumé, and if his first night on ECW is any indication, Long has not lost the touch that made him a fan favorite. General Manager Theodore Long looks to stay in charge of ECW for a long time to come, but with the upcoming Draft, will Long's first appearance on ECW be one of his last?

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