Defending the legend of ECW against a killer

Defending the legend of ECW against a killer

LONDON, ONTARIO, Canada -- Randy Orton knew he was in hostile territory when he invaded the Land of the Extreme, the home of the man he injured the night before on Raw, Rob Van Dam.

He relished the boos that ECW fans rained on him at the John Labatt Centre. Orton said he was proud that he had ended Shawn Michaels' career and was proud that he had given Rob Van Dam a concussion on Raw, rendering him unable to compete tonight on ECW on Sci Fi. The Legend Killer vowed to finish RVD once and for all and have him carried out on a stretcher, just like HBK, after the two waged war in a Stretcher Match at One Night Stand.

Fellow ECW Original and longtime RVD friend Tommy Dreamer couldn't stand it anymore and marched from the locker room and challenged Orton.

"Everyone in that locker room and everyone here looks up to Shawn Michaels," Dreamer said. "RVD is a close friend of mine, and I'm not going to stand by and let you come out here and run your mouth. You're right -- you're not welcome here. But you are welcome to have a match with me … tonight!"

Dreamer seemed to fight for not just his friend but all of ECW in his battle with the sadistic, arrogant Orton. But like so many others, he fell victim to Orton's RKO. With a gleam in his eye, Orton began to target Dreamer's head and was ready to add him to his list of concussion victims when Van Dam stunned the crowd and ran from the back to protect his friend. But Orton stopped a still-injured RVD with one blow to the head. RVD could only gaze at the Raw Superstar as he awaited their showdown at One Night Stand. Read the whole story …

One Night Stand may be the last stand for either Bobby Lashley or ECW World Champion Mr. McMahon. In an interactive interview, both men promised to emerge victorious in their Street Fight at One Night Stand. The Chairman crowed about how much he has demoralized and been one step ahead of Lashley in his quest to regain the ECW World Title.

"You are entering my world, Bobby Lashley, this Sunday. I'm from the streets," the Chairman said. "This title does not belong to you. It belongs to me."

But Lashley, ever-determined and undaunted, promised our fans that he would win the Street Fight this Sunday and regain the ECW World Title and bring honor back to the Land of the Extreme.

"I am a champion, and I need my title back," Lashley said. "I won't need a weapon to beat you this Sunday. I promise I will regain my title, and the people will be cheering."

Two other ECW Superstars who can't wait for One Night Stand are Elijah Burke and CM Punk. The two were supposed to square off in a No Disqualification Tag Team Match until RVD was injured. Punk sought revenge for a beating the New Breed leader and his enforcer, Marcus Cor Von, delivered on him and Van Dam after their tag team encounter last week.

So, Punk and Burke battled each other one-on-one in a No Disqualification Match. The Straightedge Superstar battled valiantly but Burke outlasted him, with the help of Cor Von. And the two members of the New Breed showed Punk that they were ready for him and his partners Dreamer and Sandman in their upcoming Six-Man Tag Team Tables Match at One Night Stand when they put him through a table. Read the whole story …

One man who seems ready for anyone -- and any kind of match -- since leaving the New Breed is Kevin Thorn. He has left a trail of new victims since he liberated himself from the faction, and Balls Mahoney was the latest to feel the fanged freak's power.

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