Champions clash

Champions clash

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- As May comes to an end, the world of sports-entertainment is chomping at the bit like never before. While our fans cling to hopes of getting their hands on a million dollars, the Superstars in the Land of the Extreme are aching for One Night Stand to arrive.

With aspirations of one day obtaining the ECW Title himself, Kofi Kingston took on Mike Knox in an attempt to rebound from his first WWE loss to Shelton Benjamin. This contest didn't go much better, however, as he won, but didn't celebrate for long.

The Gold Standard insisted on being part of the action, pounding the Jamaican Superstar into the ground with Knox's help after the bell. Benjamin left the squared circle with an ear-to-ear grin. (WATCH)

ECW kicked off with two of the competitors in Sunday's Singapore Cane Match -- Tommy Dreamer and Big Show -- in one-on-one action. Big Show was initially the forgotten ECW Champion as ECW General Manager Armando Estrada named only Dreamer, CM Punk, John Morrison and Chavo Guerrero in the competition. Big Show made sure his presence was felt later that evening when he attacked all four of the Superstars and declared his own participation in the Singapore Cane Match. He had a big impact on ECW this week as well, defeating Dreamer with authority and sending a message to the other participants.

CM Punk and Chavo Guerrero got a little preview of One Night Stand as well. With bodyguard Bam Neely in Guerrero's corner, the Superstars did battle once more, recalling the days when they rivaled over the ECW Championship. This time, Chavo came out on top. Despite neither one currently holding the title, the circumstances are not much different this time around. Both the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" and Mr. Money in the Bank looked to gain an edge heading into Sunday's contest that would determine the No. 1 Contender to Kane's gold.

The night's main event pitted the ECW Champion against the WWE Tag Team Champions in a Handicap Match. The Miz looked to defeat Kane for the second consecutive week while John Morrison hoped to overpower the Big Red Machine and make the other hopeful No. 1 Contenders sweat.

Neither of The Dirt Sheet hosts got to prove themselves; though, neither did Kane. The match ended with no decision when Guerrero, Dreamer and the Straightedge Superstar ran into the ring, leading to an all-out brawl. The scuffle ended when Big Show marched to the squared circle and cleared out the ring along with Kane. The two monsters stared each other down as ECW went off the air, but the World's Largest Athlete can't get ahead of himself just yet. He has four Superstars between him and a title opportunity. (WATCH)

Don't forget to watch One Night Stand on Sunday at 8/7 CT to find out who will be challenging Kane for the ECW Title at Night of Champions.

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