Experiencing painful revenge

Experiencing painful revenge

DES MOINES, Iowa -- With One Night Stand less than two weeks away, the Land of the Extreme was awaiting the eagerly anticipated one-on-one Street Fight between Mr. McMahon and Bobby Lashley for the ECW World Title. Lashley won the right to challenge the Chairman by running the gauntlet and defeating four competitors -- Chris Masters, Viscera, Umaga and Shane McMahon -- on Raw.

While all of ECW was wondering whether Lashley will finally get his ultimate revenge on Mr. McMahon at One Night Stand, New Breed leader Elijah Burke focused on avenging his loss to CM Punk at Judgment Day. The so-called "Paragon of Virtue" had promised his New Breed that he would lead by example and teach Punk a lesson for infiltrating and trying to break apart the group from within.

But Burke fell short in a hard-fought battle at Judgment Day. Tonight, with the help of fellow New Breeder Marcus Cor Von, Burke got a measure of revenge against Punk in a tag team war. They didn't get the victory, but they left a painful mark on the Straightedge Superstar & Rob Van Dam. Read the whole story …

RVD had vengeance on his mind after Snitsky whacked him on the head with a steel chair last week on ECW on Sci Fi. This week, the yellow-toothed deranged monster made Tommy Dreamer his latest victim in the trail of bodies he has left since entering ECW. However, when Snitsky tried to demolish Dreamer the same way he did to RVD, the one-of-a-kind Superstar saved his fellow ECW Original, and sent the bully slinking back to the locker room.

Snitsky has an impressive win-loss record in ECW, but one Superstar who has had problems getting victories lately is Matt Striker. After getting pinned in New Breed losses to the Major Brothers and Lashley, Striker had lost the confidence of Burke and the rest of the group. Tonight, Burke told Striker he would feel his wrath if he lost his singles match with Brett Major.

This motivated Striker as the Extreme Educator defeated the Major Brother. "See, I belong here," a relieved Striker said to himself and the crowd as he walked back to the locker room. 

One former New Breed member who is seeking new blood after leaving the group is Kevin Thorn. ECW's fanged freak continued the new chapter in his career by bulldozing another hapless foe on ECW on Sci Fi.

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