Rocky road to Judgment Day

Rocky road to Judgment Day

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Whether it was a monster, a chick magnet, veterans, newcomers or Divas, the Land of the Extreme was full on conflict on the road to Judgment Day.

It's official -- Colin Delaney has signed on the dotted line and is now an ECW Superstar. But is the youngster truly ready for the Land of the Extreme? After his brand-new entrance music blared throughout the arena, Delaney had his first match as an active member of the ECW roster. He faced someone who brutally beat him mere weeks ago -- Mike Knox -- and once again Delaney found himself in the losing corner. But the beating didn't stop there.

Delaney isn't the newest active member of the ECW roster, however -- Armando Estrada is. Delaney defeated the General Manager last week to earn his ECW contract, and the super-ripped Estrada was out for revenge on Tuesday night. Fresh off his loss to Knox, Delaney remained in the Extreme ring to face the GM. This time, a strong Estrada came out on top, leading to Delaney's second loss of the evening. Is the Land of the Extreme too much for Delaney to handle? (WATCH)

Also on Tuesday night, several SmackDown Divas made a special appearance on ECW in a Six Diva Tag Team Match. Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool and Cherry faced Layla, Victoria and Natalya. Now that she's single and focusing her attention on the ring (rather than Deuce & Domino), Cherry's proving herself as a worthy opponent. SmackDown's shy sweetie picked up the win for her trio when she pinned the ruthless Victoria.

Diva Lena Yada spoke to a determined Shelton Benjamin on ECW on Tuesday night. The Gold Standard claimed that the next time he faces the undefeated Kofi Kingston, he will beat the Jamaican Superstar. But Kingston overheard Benjamin's comments and said, "Let me be the first one to say ‘good luck.'" Then Kingston leveled Benjamin, leaving him writhing in pain on the ground.

Finally, in a preview of sorts of Sunday's Judgment Day, WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison individually faced Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk and ECW Champion Kane, respectively. The Tag Champs proved their dominance, as The Miz and Morrison both picked up wins. (WATCH: The Miz's victory) (WATCH: Morrison's victory) Read more on this story…

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