‘The Peep Show's' explosive return

‘The Peep Show's' explosive return

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- After a nearly four-year absence, "The Peep Show" made its return to WWE on Tuesday night, as ECW Champion Christian brought his signature show to the Land of the Extreme. With his Judgment Day opponent, Jack Swagger, as his special guest, Captain Charisma once again outsmarted "The All-American American," gaining the momentum he needs just five days before he defends the ECW Title.

"The Peep Show" with ECW Champion Christian and Jack Swagger (PHOTOS | WATCH)
For the first time as ECW Champion, Christian brought "The Peep Show" to ECW on Sci Fi Tuesday night. Captain Charisma's special guest was none other than his Judgment Day opponent, Jack Swagger. "The All-American American" promised Christian he'll reclaim the ECW Championship that Christian "cheated" to "steal" at Backlash, showing the WWE Universe clips of Christian exposing the turnbuckle for the victory. But instead of playing clips of Swagger exposing the opposite turnbuckle, Christian offered a montage of Swagger's greatest lisp-filled speeches on ECW. (WATCH)

Since ECW's interim General Manager, Tiffany, promised there'd be consequences to pay if either Christian or Swagger engaged in physicality during "The Peep Show," Swagger continued to berate the ECW Champion. But it was only a matter of time before Christian abruptly ended "The Peep Show," and attacked his stunned Judgment Day opponent with a punch to the face. An irate Swagger ran out of the ring as the WWE Universe cheered for Christian. Will the ECW Champion successfully defend the title Sunday at Judgment Day, or will Swagger reclaim the Extreme gold to once again become the face of the Tuesday night franchise? Tune in to Judgment Day, this Sunday at 8/7 CT, live and only on pay-per-view.

Finlay def. Tyson Kidd (disqualification) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
With Natalya banned from ringside, a retribution-seeking Finlay defeated Tyson Kidd by disqualification on ECW on Sci Fi. But The Belfast Brawler wasn't celebrating his win after David Hart Smith emerged to back up Kidd. The Hart Dungeon-trained duo brutally attacked Finlay, as Kidd used Finlay's shillelagh twice against him. After the vicious assault, Natalya joined Kidd and the son of the British Bulldog for a Pink & Black Attack reunion in the ring. Now that Smith has joined Kidd and Natalya in the Land of the Extreme, will anyone be able to stop this trio?

Mark Henry def. Tommy Dreamer (PHOTOS)
With WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas in his corner, The World's Strongest Man was victorious against Tommy Dreamer. The ECW Original fell victim to Henry's World's Strongest Slam Tuesday night. Dreamer's defeat comes at a time when he's fighting to be king of the Land of the Extreme once again. With his contract expiring in just weeks, Dreamer vowed to become ECW Champion or leave WWE. Will Dreamer's hopes of becoming ECW Champion again be crushed? Or will the ECW Original fight his way to the top? And what will Henry do Thursday night on "WWE Superstars" when he faces ECW Champion Christian just days before he defends the Extreme Title at Judgment Day?

Vladimir Kozlov def. local competitor (PHOTOS)
Since his ECW arrival, Vladmir Kozlov has been undefeated in singles action, repeatedly and mercilessly beating his competition. After his win, The Moscow Mauler demanded an interview from the ECW announce team. Josh Mathews asked Kozlov how his Russian military training has helped him. Kozlov explained that he's trained in the superior Russian martial art of Sambo, "which uses the great combination of skills and discipline," Kozlov said. "That is why I will dominate everyone here in ECW." He then again delivered a mysterious, forceful, message to the WWE Universe in Russian. What will the dominant Kozlov do next? Will any ECW Superstar be able to stop him?

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