Extreme dream come true

Extreme dream come true

LONDON, Ontario -- History was made on the 100th episode of ECW on Sci Fi, as Colin Delaney finally earned an ECW contract. The persistence of our fans' favorite underdog finally paid off when he defeated none other than ECW General Manager Armando Estrada on the historic night. (WATCH)

Young Delaney, who has been beaten, battered and bruised week after week for several months in the Land of the Extreme, boldly defeated a strong Estrada to earn his coveted contract. Delaney rolled up the General Manager for a jubilant win, which was immediately followed by a celebration with our fans in the crowd. He then joined Tazz to offer him congratulations in the ECW ring.

"Tazz … I did it!" Delaney exclaimed. "This is what makes it all worth it, right here!"

An ecstatic Delaney continued on to thank his mentor, Tommy Dreamer, and our fans. Watch Delaney's dreams really come true next Tuesday when he signs his contract on ECW on Sci Fi.

Before the Extreme action began on Tuesday, ECW announcer Mike Adamle offered an apology to color commentator Tazz and the ECW fans for leaving the announce table on last week's show. Adamle admitted he's made mistakes, but said he's ready to up his Extreme game as he returned to offer his commentary. (WATCH)

"I had no idea how hard this job was and how great the ECW fans are," Adamle told our audience. "I love WWE and I love working for ECW, and I will do everything, everything in my power to be as perfect as I possibly can and bring you the best possible product you ECW fans deserve."

Also on ECW's 100th episode, which highlighted some of the show's most Extreme moments throughout its history, Mike Knox was victorious once again, this time under Extreme Rules. For the second week in a row, Knox beat Tommy Dreamer in an extremely physical match, complete with a hockey stick, a Singapore cane, a rowing oar and guest commentary by ECW Original Stevie Richards. After Knox brutally drove Dreamer through a table, he picked up the victory over the ECW Original.

Matt Striker's lesson plan for Kofi Kingston was given a failing grade by the unstoppable Jamaican Superstar on Tuesday night. As Shelton Benjamin offered his "Gold Standard" of guest commentary, Kingston was victorious again on ECW's 100th episode. The happy-go-lucky, fan-favorite is still without a loss in the Land of the Extreme, but after picking up his most recent win, Benjamin stormed into the ring and attacked Kingston, leaving him face-down.

Also on Tuesday's show, Kelly Kelly brought back the infamous Kelly's Exposé, the sexy show which introduced our fans to the Diva when ECW debuted on Sci Fi. But this special, one-night show was interrupted by Layla. Kelly Kelly's former friend offered her a little competition in the dance department, but the Divas' contest turned into a catfight, which had to be broken up by the ECW referees.

Finally, ECW Champion Kane joined CM Punk to face Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely in tag team action. Still seething after losing a 2-on-1 Handicap Match to Guerrero and his bodyguard the week earlier, the Big Red Machine had the help of Mr. Money in the Bank to claim tag team victory on ECW's 100th episode. (WATCH) Read more on this story…

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