ECW's Extremely fit GM

ECW's Extremely fit GM

When ECW General Manager Armando Estrada entered the ring last week on ECW's historic 100th episode, our fans weren't just shocked by his loss to Colin Delaney, but also by the GM's incredible physique. Who knew Estrada was so ripped underneath his signature white suit?

"What people don't realize is that prior to becoming the General Manager of ECW, Armando Estrada was the Cuban Heavyweight Champion on the island of Cuba, my home country," he said.

"The reason that I decided to go into management was because there really wasn't anyone left to beat," Estrada explained. "I did all the challenges; I was the most dominant wrestler on the entire island. That's why I stopped competing. That's why I wear the suit. That's why our fans don't realize what a magnificent specimen I am. You can call me the man with the island tan."

Compared to WWE's other current male managers, Estrada is convinced he's the most physically fit.

"Let's start with the Assistant General Manager of SmackDown, Theodore Long. Who looks like, como se dice, George Jefferson in a dryer. He's a peanut head. He weighs about 87 pounds," he laughed.

"Now let's move on to William Regal -- the king, who I have the utmost respect for and is the current General Manager of Raw. Granted he doesn't look as good as me, but he's OK," he said. "But you see, I'm a dedicated individual. I eat right, I train right, I say my prayers."

Estrada said he is following in the footsteps of the most important man in WWE -- the Chairman, Mr. McMahon.

"Mr. McMahon is my role model. I aspire to be as brilliant as him one day. I aspire to be the physical phenom, the genetic jackhammer that Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon -- I call him Vincent because we go back -- is. And maybe one day I can be as jacked as him."

But make no mistake; while ECW's General Manager may have lost his match against Delaney last week, he's still sure he has the best body in all of sports-entertainment.

"I am the most physically jacked, imposing specimens to ever come through WWE, most certainly ECW. Put that in! Print it!"

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