ECW on Sci Fi: Swagger's Cinco de Mayo fiesta

ECW on Sci Fi: Swagger's Cinco de Mayo fiesta

PITTSBURGH -- Jack Swagger has just one thing on his mind -- winning back the ECW Championship. "The All-American American" made it clear on ECW on Sci Fi that he refuses to let any Superstar get in the way of his conquest of the ECW Title -- not current champion Christian, and especially not ECW Original Tommy Dreamer.

Jack Swagger & Mark Henry def. ECW Champion Christian & Tommy Dreamer (PHOTOS | WATCH)
An angry Jack Swagger explained to the WWE Universe why he interrupted last week's ECW Championship match between Christian and Tommy Dreamer -- it's because he believes Christian cheated to earn the Extreme Title at Backlash and that Dreamer doesn't deserve to be ECW Champion again. But the boos from our fans in the Steel City only made the "The All-American American" more irritated, and Swagger's comments prompted Dreamer to run out to the ring and attack him.

During the main event between ECW Champion Christian and Mark Henry, an irate Swagger interrupted the match, attacking Captain Charisma. But Swagger's attack prompted Dreamer to also emerge and double-team Swagger with Christian. Before the main event could turn into an unmitigated brawl, interim ECW General Manager Tiffany turned it into a tag team match: Christian & Dreamer vs. Swagger & Henry. "The All-American American" used the WWE Universe's disdain toward him against his opponents, hitting the Gutwrench Powerbomb on ECW Original Dreamer for the victory.

Swagger has sent a clear message to his Judgment Day opponent, Christian: He's determined to win back the ECW Championship on May 17. But with Dreamer's ECW contract expiring in five weeks, will the ECW Original find a way to win the Extreme Championship before his time is up in WWE, or will Swagger -- and Christian -- firmly stand in his way?

Evan Bourne def. Tyson Kidd (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Hoping he could continue his winning ways after defeating Finlay on last week's ECW on Sci Fi, Tyson Kidd met Evan Bourne for the first time in one-on-one action. Kidd, the self-proclaimed "crown prince of ECW," was relentless in his attack on Bourne, repeatedly shouting at him to give up and tap out, but "Air" Bourne wouldn't quit. While Natalya pulled Bourne onto the ring apron when the referee wasn't watching, it was Finlay's interference that affected the outcome of the match. The Belfast Brawler got retribution for his loss at the hands of Natalya last week, hitting Kidd with his shillelagh when the official wasn't looking. Then Bourne hit Kidd with another perfect Shooting Star Press for the victory. Will Kidd & Natalya seek revenge against Finlay -- and Bourne -- for Kidd's ECW loss?

Vladimir Kozlov def. local competitor (PHOTOS)
Since arriving in the Land of the Extreme in the WWE Draft, Vladmir Kozlov has been steamrolling his competition. The unsympathetic, disciplined Moscow Mauler took no mercy on another local competitor, easily earning one more ECW victory. After his win, Kozlov delivered a mysterious, yet forceful, message to the WWE Universe in Russian. What will the dominant Kozlov do next? Will any ECW Superstar be able to stop him?

Zack Ryder makes his ECW debut
Zack Ryder met Tiffany backstage on ECW on Sci Fi this week, and he promised the interim General Manager he's going to be "the man" on Tuesday nights. Tiffany said he'll be able to prove it in his match against Finlay Thursday on "WWE Superstars" at 8/7 CT on WGN America.

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