ECW Walk-off

ECW Walk-off

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- Tuesday night, ECW announcers Mike Adamle and Tazz removed their headsets and left the broadcast position before the conclusion of ECW on Sci Fi. The event occurred just prior to the evening's main event Handicap Match, featuring ECW Champion Kane and Chavo Guerrero with Bam Neely.

Adamle and Tazz reportedly exited the arena and marched straight to the parking lot. Adamle was said to look shocked and expressionless as he left.

WWE Superstars were taken aback by this unprecedented occurrence. Calls and texts to both Adamle and Tazz have gone unanswered.

It has been no secret that our traditional ECW fans have not been satisfied with Adamle's lackluster commentary. Speculation is this could have led to the play by play and color commentator walking off during a WWE broadcast. Did Adamle and Tazz leave of their own volition or were they asked to leave? will attempt to get exclusive video interviews from WWE Superstars about this situation and post them as soon as possible. Stay logged on to to learn more about this shocking development.

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