Championship interrupted

Championship interrupted

NEW YORK -- Despite confirmation that he'll receive an ECW Championship rematch at Judgment Day, a vengeful Jack Swagger refused to let Tommy Dreamer get his chance at Christian's title on ECW on Sci Fi. After attacking the ECW Champion and the ECW Original and sending a strong message that he wants to reclaim the Extreme Title, Swagger got his swagger back.

ECW Championship Match: Christian vs. Tommy Dreamer (PHOTOS | WATCH)
New ECW Champion Christian celebrated his Backlash defeat of Jack Swagger Tuesday night in front of a capacity Madison Square Garden, which WWE has sold out seven times in a row. But Captain Charisma's Championship festivities were first interrupted by Tommy Dreamer. While the ECW Original congratulated Christian on his victory, he also pointed out he challenged himself to win the ECW Title once more before his contract expires, or else he'd walk away. When Christian offered Dreamer a title match, "The All-American American" finally emerged, calling Dreamer a joke and Christian a cheater. Before a melee could ensue, interim ECW General Manager Tiffany appeared, granting Swagger his ECW Title rematch at Judgment Day, as well as Dreamer his ECW Title match that night.

When Dreamer and Christian finally faced off during Tuesday's main event, Swagger once again interrupted. "The All-American American" attacked the ECW Original and the ECW Champion, leading to Dreamer's win by disqualification, while Christian remains the ECW Champ. After decimating Dreamer and Gutwrench Powerbombing Christian, Swagger's cocky smile returned to the Land of the Extreme. Swagger made a bold statement -- he's determined to win back the ECW Championship and no other Superstar is getting in his way. But will Dreamer be able to get his hands on the Extreme title before his contract expires in six weeks? What will Swagger do in the weeks leading to his ECW Championship rematch at Judgment Day? (Match preview)

Tyson Kidd def. Finlay (PHOTOS)
It looks like Finlay's luck may have run out. In his first ECW on Sci Fi match without his son, Hornswoggle, who was drafted to Raw, The Fighting Irishman was defeated by Tyson Kidd. The ECW newcomer and his ringside counterpart, Natalya, were looking to settle a score after Finlay and his son, Hornswoggle defeated them on last week's "WWE Superstars" two days after the leprechaun also beat the Diva on ECW. But Kidd's victory over Finlay came thanks to Natalya, who distracted the referee while Kidd used Finlay's shillelagh on The Belfast Brawler's leg, leading to the pin. It's likely this isn't the end of the recent rivalry that's erupted between Kidd & Natalya and Finlay, but without his son on ECW, will Finlay find a way to prevail over the Hart Dungeon-trained duo?

Vladimir Kozlov makes a promise (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The Moscow Mauler made a bold promise to the WWE Universe and the Land of the Extreme Tuesday night, claiming it'll only be a matter of time before he achieves global domination. While clothed in a full Russian military uniform, Kozlov made a stern statement in Russian: "Victory at any cost." Kozlov is undefeated since joining the Land of the Extreme. Will any Superstar be able stop the merciless Moscow Mauler?

Gregory Helms joins the ECW broadcast team
The WWE Supplemental Draft brought Gregory Helms to ECW on Sci Fi. On Tuesday night, Helms joined the Extreme broadcast team, interviewing Evan Bourne. But while the high-flyer told Helms he has ECW Championship aspirations, he was interrupted by Paul & Katie Lea Burchill. The British duo were seeking revenge for Paul's loss to Bourne on last week's ECW. Will the Burchills get retribution Thursday night when Paul faces "Air" Bourne on "WWE Superstars" on WGN America at 8/5 PT?

ECW's new start time (WATCH)
WWE Universe: Don't forget ECW on Sci Fi begins airing at its new start time, 10/9 CT, next Tuesday, May 5.

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