All mixed up

All mixed up

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Cutting Edge came to ECW Tuesday night, and Edge's talk show ended on an explosive note. But before families collided in the Land of the Extreme, a tag match started off the night at the Greensboro Coliseum.

Tommy Dreamer & Kelly Kelly met Mike Knox & Layla in mixed tag team action on Tuesday night. The Divas' ongoing rivalry heated up the ECW ring, but the blonde bombshell was in the winning corner after pinning her former friend, Layla. As Kelly Kelly & Dreamer celebrated their win, Knox attacked the ECW Original, who has recently been seen aiding youngster Colin Delaney. After Dreamer was assaulted, Kelly Kelly ran to Dreamer's side in the ring as Knox stared them down. (WATCH)

Also on ECW, Jimmy Wang Yang faced John Morrison, as their respective tag team partners, Shannon Moore and The Miz, who made a guest appearance at the announce table, looked on. WWE Tag Team Champions Morrison & The Miz defeated Yang & Moore on SmackDown two weeks ago, but their winning streak came to a halt when Morrison fought solo, as Yang picked up the victory on ECW.

In other extreme action, Kofi Kingston maintained his undefeated streak. The Jamaican Superstar was victorious again, this time against Shelton Benjamin, the "Gold Standard." It seems the happy-go-lucky Kingston just can't be stopped when it comes to taking care of trouble in Tuesday night paradise.

Also on Tuesday, Nunzio met the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry in the ECW ring. After an intense staredown, Henry was victorious over his opponent, who he outweighs by 210 pounds and 6 inches.

Finally, ECW Champion Kane was Edge's special guest on The Cutting Edge, but Tuesday night's talk show turned into an all-out brawl when Kane clashed with Chavo Guerrero's "familia." (WATCHMore on this story…

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