Out of line

Out of line

MILAN, Italy-- The first-ever ECW on Sci Fi broadcast from Italy started with a celebration as a beaming Elijah Burke and the New Breed announced the faction's newest member, CM Punk. By the end of the night, however, the ECW Originals were the ones smiling.

After a main event that was hard-fought by both party's leaders, Elijah Burke was left with a sour taste in his mouth, receiving a dose of his own medicine and getting pinned by Rob Van Dam. (WATCH)

RVD appeared to be in control toward the end of the match, but when the referee was on the wrong end of a collision with the ECW Original followed by an unintentional mouthful of Van Dam's boot, all bets were off. CM Punk made good on his promise earlier that he would have Burke's back. After rushing to ringside, Punk slid a chair into the ring at Burke's request. Unfortunately for the New Breed's leader, Van Dam managed to intercept the chair and use it to put Burke away for good.

Punk spoke with his new affiliates several times before the main event. The first encounter was in the center of the ring when he proclaimed himself as an official member of the New Breed, despite RVD vowing that Punk would regret his choice.

"That man made his decision and the future looks brighter than ever for ECW," Burke boasted to the sold-out arena.

Throughout the night, as Burke watched his new recruit converse in the locker room area with Kevin Thorn, Marcus Cor Von and Matt Striker, he wore a confused expression after each encounter. Punk insisted on bringing assistance and leadership to his allies, only to run into criticism from ECW's self-proclaimed guiding light. Burke repeatedly instructed his new protégé to "fall in line" with the group.

Later, in the main event, Punk seemed to be completely misaligned with Burke. Regretting the apparent miscommunication on the first night as a New Breeder, the straightedge Superstar filled the remaining moments of ECW on Sci Fi with apologies.

Two of Punk's other associates had a rough night as well. Thorn & Cor Von suffered a loss to Tommy Dreamer & Sandman. The match would prove to foreshadow the main event's outcome as Thorn was also force-fed a spoon of his own blood. Dreamer rolled up the vampire enthusiast for a pin, using the rope for assistance outside of the referee's line of sight -- a page from the New Breed's playbook.

ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley threw a celebration of his own on ECW on Sci Fi as he got the honor of introducing Santino Marella as the new Intercontinental Champion. Twenty-four hours earlier on Raw, Lashley took matters into his own hands and assisted the Italian WWE fan with a spear to Umaga. After shutting down the Samoan Bulldozer -- much to Mr. McMahon's dismay -- Lashley placed Marella on top of the beast to claim the gold. On Tuesday, Marella thanked Lashley for his help, along with WWE and Italy. Lashley appears to be giving the Chairman his own helping of hell as the ECW World Champion's 3-on-1 Handicap Match for the title against Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon and Umaga at Backlash approaches.

Also on ECW on Sci Fi, Snitsky emerged victorious in a battle with Italian-blooded Superstar Little Guido. Be sure to catch this match and the rest of the action on Hardcore Hangover.

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