Brothers unite

Brothers unite

LONDON -- Brotherhood was the theme in the Land of the Extreme on Tuesday night in the United Kingdom, as Superstars relied on teamwork to lead their way to success.

With Joey Styles set to take on a new role with, the longtime ECW commentator handed the reigns to his successor, Mike Adamle. Shortly after, Adamle called his first contest: An Eight-Man Tag Team Match.

In that eight-man battle, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore took on Deuce, Domino, Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke. Yang & Moore were anxious to redeem their second straight loss to WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison & The Miz on SmackDown. On the other side, Deuce & Domino looked to recover from their losses in solo action against the Jamaican Superstar. After a high-flying contest, Kingston racked up his second pinfall on Deuce, giving the rest of his team a victory against their cocky opponents.

Plenty of heated rivalries boiled over during the Eight-Man Tag Team Match, but the hottest part of the night was undoubtedly the Diva Dance Off. Kelly Kelly, Eve, Layla, Maryse and Lena Yada each had 30 seconds to show off their best moves for our fans. After their performances, Tazz measured the response of the London audience, which clearly chose Kelly Kelly as their favorite Diva for the night.

Tommy Dreamer entered the squared circle after the Diva contest, set to battle Mike Knox - but he didn't stay for very long. ECW General Manager Armando Estrada announced that our fans don't want to see the ECW Original in action; they want to see Colin Delaney. Dreamer left the job to the hopeful Superstar, who quickly fell victim to the much larger Knox.

Tuesday night rounded out with a Match of Champions as ECW Champion Kane & World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker clashed with the WWE Tag Team Champions. The battle was hard fought, but the Brothers of Destruction proved to be too much. (WATCHMore on this story …

Will the Big Red Machine's winning ways continue to rule ECW? Find out on ECW on Sci Fi, Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

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