Contract War

Contract War

BOSTON -- For weeks now, Colin Delaney has faced a multitude of obstacles in his quest to earn a coveted WWE contract. Last week on ECW, it was none other than The Largest Athlete in The World, Big Show, who put a quick and crushing end to his contract dream. Tonight, the young upstart was matched up against possibly his only ally in WWE -- Tommy Dreamer. Despite their friendship, things weren't going to be easy for Delaney. As ordered by ECW General Manager Armando Estrada, if Dreamer lost the match he would be fired. So, the veteran did what he had to do and took care of business against Delaney. (WATCH) Better luck next time, kid.

Ever since ascending the ladder at WrestleMania XXIV, Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk has enjoyed life at the top. Last week he partnered with ECW Champion Kane to defeat Chavo Guerrero & Shelton Benjamin in tag action. Tonight, Punk defeated WWE Tag Team Champion The Miz. Early in the match, Miz's tag team partner John Morrison tried to get involved -- but before the Shaman of Sexy could pull any shenanigans, ECW referee Scott Armstrong ordered him to leave ringside. Even with that distraction, Punk was able to make The Miz Go to Sleep. What's next for the Straightedge Superstar who wields the ability to challenge for a championship match at any time?

Kofi Kingston, who sits at No. 22 in the POWER 25, was also in action against Domino. A few weeks ago, it was Domino's partner, Deuce, who experienced trouble in paradise -- or the other side of the tracks in his eyes -- at the hands of the Jamaican Superstar. Tonight, Kofi completed the sweep to keep his ECW unbeaten streak alive.

Coming off his second straight THQ Superstar Challenge victory at WrestleMania XXIV, Elijah Burke continued his winning ways by making quick work of ECW Original Nunzio by quickly finishing him off with a vicious clothesline. With his winning ways back on track, what's the next big thing for the ECW Superstar?

Before the ink could dry on the Backlash contract signed by ECW Champion Kane, his challenger, Chavo Guerrero, had other plans before putting pen to paper. First, he introduced a mysterious large man who will be watching Chavo's back at Backlash. With Kane distracted by the unknown individual, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder & Guerrero launched a surprise attack on the champion. The mystery man then felled Kane with his own title, and to add further insult helped Hawkins & Ryder hold the Big Red Monster prone on the contract table. Chavo took advantage of the vulnerable champion by leaping from the top rope onto Kane, smashing him through the table with a frog splash. As the champion lay amongst the debris, Chavo sealed their rematch at Backlash with his signature. (WATCH) Read the full story…

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