Backlash pre-lash

Backlash pre-lash

BOSTON -- Kane and Chavo Guerrero have signed their names on the dotted line, making their rematch for the ECW Title at Backlash official. But after what happened on ECW on Sci Fi, the Big Red Monster may want to think twice about that signature.

Even with three men -- Guerrero and his friends Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder -- on the opposite side of the table from him, Kane didn't seem worried about the contract signing. After all, he did defeat Chavo in eight seconds at WrestleMania to win the gold -- a fact the ECW Champion firmly reminded the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" of.

But that all quickly changed. As Kane signed, Chavo told him he was "signing away the ECW title." And when the Big Red Machine questioned his challenger, Chavo simply stated that at Backlash, he would have someone watching his back.

With that, a large man in a suit made his way to the ring. As the Big Red Machine turned to stare that man down, he was jumped by Chavo, Hawkins & Ryder. Kane fought them off as best he could, but when the unknown newcomer stepped into the ring, the numbers game became too much.

As Guerrero, Hawkins & Ryder pummeled Kane, their new associate picked up the ECW Championship and blasted the Big Red Machine squarely in the head with it. To add insult -- and further injury -- to the situation, Hawkins, Ryder & the new associate held Kane down on the contract signing table, allowing Chavo to put the ECW Champion through it with a frog splash. Then, and only then, did the challenger sign the contract -- celebrating and leaving Kane in the wreckage of the table after doing so.

Later in the night, it was announced that on the next ECW on Sci Fi, Kane will be together with his brother -- World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker. But even though they stand united against Chavo and his "familia," they're still at a now 5-on-2 disadvantage in that fight.

So with Backlash just weeks away, it seems as if the scales have been tipped back in the favor of the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior." While no one outside of the familia seems to know who the new associate is, it's obvious that his mission is clear: Make sure Chavo Guerrero leaves Baltimore on April 27 as the ECW Champion. Will the world find out who this newcomer is and where he came from? And will the Big Red Machine find a way to counter the newest member of the Rated-R entourage?

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