Fatal fallout

Fatal fallout

The ECW Originals may have earned an emotional victory against their rivals at WrestleMania, but tonight, the New Breed outshined their enemies under the Originals' home court rules: Extreme Rules.

On Sunday, it was an emotional night for the Originals who finally made it to WrestleMania and proved their resilience in front of more than 80,000 Ford Field fans. A night that commenced with tears of joy for Original Tommy Dreamer became a tumultuous nightmare 48 hours later at the hands of the New Breed. The four men isolated Dreamer early on until his fellow Originals retaliated with a slew of weapons.

Through tables, steel chairs and more, the Originals gave the New Breed a lesson in their hardcore roots for much of the Eight-Man Tag Team Match. Ultimately, the captain of the upstart faction Elijah Burke caught a distracted Sabu with a merciless Elijah Express that drove the ECW Original head first through a table. This was enough for Burke to snare the win and put the New Breed back on top in their war against ECW's legacy bearers. (WATCH)

After a successful slaying of the savage Umaga at WrestleMania 23 and on then again Raw, ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley came to ECW on Sci Fi to celebrate in the Land of the Extreme. Lashley presented the ECW audience with a video replay of his trip to Raw where he revealed Mr. McMahon's sleek and shaved cranium.

Though he enjoyed dehatting the WWE Chairman on Monday night, the unstoppable champion said he anticipates Mr. McMahon's attempts at retaliation. Sans his signature coiffure, the Chairman may spend the rest of his days trying to put Lashley through hell, but the ECW World Champion challenged the bald billionaire to bring it on. (WATCH)

"He can send a whole army against me," said Lashley of Mr. McMahon, "I don't care. No matter who or what you send against me, nothing will stop me."

The WrestleMania 23 fallout continued as Money in the Bank participant CM Punk resumed his competitive zeal on ECW on Sci Fi. After a successful battle with Stevie Richards, the straightedge Superstar was confronted by a pair of New Breeders in the locker room area. Matt Striker and Marcus Cor Von referred to Punk as the fastest rising star in ECW, but warned that if he isn't with them, he's against them.

Elsewhere in the Land of the Extreme, ECW's most deranged Superstar Snitsky continued his ravaging path of destruction -- this week, bringing his pain distribution to new levels in his match against Hardcore Holly. The Alabaman veteran fought tooth-and-nail with his heinous opponent and proved to be the one man who could stand up against Snitsky. In the end, however, Snitsky -- the man who WWE Magazine named "most likely to rip your head off" -- maintained his streak of dominance.

Afterwards, the chaos continued as Snitsky pinned Holly's arm beneath the steel ring steps and repeatedly bashed the steps with a chair -- an attack that dismantled and near crippled Holly.

Finally, recording artist Timbaland was surveying the talented ECW Divas, looking for the stars of his upcoming music video. After a brief interaction with Rob Van Dam, Extreme Exposé expressed their extreme interest in working with the world-famous rapper and producer. (WATCH)

If you missed any of the action live on ECW on Sci Fi, be sure to catch Hardcore Hangover throughout the week as ECW.com brings you each of the matches from Tuesday night.

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