WrestleMania XXIV hangover

WrestleMania XXIV hangover

MIAMI -- While some WWE Superstars, such as CM Punk and Kane, have been basking in the glow of what transpired on Sunday night in Orlando, Fla., many were experiencing the effects of a WrestleMania XXIV hangover, especially Chavo Guerrero. The self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" lost his ECW gold to the Big Red Machine, and it seems he won't rest until he earns it back.

Meanwhile, Stevie Richards' recent stroke of misfortune continued. The ECW Original was one of 23 Superstars who lost the Battle Royal to eventual ECW Champion Kane at WrestleMania. Then on ECW, the rivalry between Mike Knox and Richards came to a head when they met in one-on-one action for the first time.

For the last few weeks, these two ECW Superstars have been attacking each other in locker room. When they met in tag action last week, Knox & Layla were victorious over Richards & Kelly Kelly. Knox's winning streak continued this week when he picked up a solo victory over the ECW Original. Where will their rivalry lead next?

In other ECW action, April Fools' Day paid a visit to the Land of the Extreme when General Manager Armando Estrada said he was ready to offer Colin Delaney a contract to be a WWE Superstar. Too bad for Delaney it was April 1, and instead of a contract, Estrada presented Delaney with a giant challenge: Big Show.

Delaney would earn his coveted contract if he could beat the 7-footer, but the youngster didn't stand a chance. In mere minutes, Big Show picked up an easy victory, then offered a warning to The Great Khali, who confronted The World's Largest Athlete the night before on Raw.

Finally, a retribution-seeking Guerrero teamed up with a vengeful Shelton Benjamin in tag team action against Kane & CM Punk. The new ECW Champion and Mr. Money in the Bank proved why they were victorious on Sunday at WrestleMania, picking up the win on ECW. (WATCH) Read more on this story…

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