'Tis the season ... for WrestleMania

'Tis the season ... for WrestleMania

BILOXI, Miss. -- The Land of the Extreme was in full-force WrestleMania mode in this super-competitive sports-entertainment season as ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero and the rest of the roster tried to set the stage for The Granddaddy of Them All.

Three of the Superstars who will be competing in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania XXIV faced off in the midst of a Six-Man Tag Team Match, hoping to gain an early advantage. CM Punk seemed a bit concerned in the locker room before the contest, as he observed his dazed partner, Festus. But his other associate for the night, Jesse, assured the Straightedge Superstar he wouldn't be disappointed once the bell rang. He was right, as the three Superstars overpowered The Miz and two other Money in the Bank contestants, John Morrison & Shelton Benjamin. The win also helped to fuel Jesse & Festus, as the duo is primed to defeat Morrison & The Miz on SmackDown and become WWE Tag Team Champions.

Earlier, the evening kicked off on fire -- literally. Kane exploded into the ring where he extinguished Elijah Burke. The Big Red Machine will no doubt be one of the favorites to win the brand-wide 24-Man Battle Royal at ‘Mania. While he certainly has a size advantage over most, he is not the biggest Superstar in the massive, over-the-top rope contest. Matt Striker has already promised that Big Daddy V will shake the foundation of the Florida Citrus Bowl. The Great Khali is sure to make some waves as well. There is really only one word that fittingly describes this destructive clash of titans: Humongous.

Later in the night, Kofi Kingston cruised to another victory on ECW on Sci Fi. The first-ever Jamaican Superstar has yet to be defeated since joining the extreme brand. Tuesday was just another part of the chapter as his unique style and attitude helped him to pin James Curtis. Might Kofi find himself in the 24-Superstar mix at WrestleMania?

While Kingston celebrated on ECW, the "Mexican Warrior" was preparing with WrestleMania on his mind. The ECW Champion capped off the evening by taking pleasure in defeating Colin Delaney in what Guerrero called a preview of what's to come at WrestleMania. Delaney was denied an ECW contract in the loss and Guerrero was able to make a very loud statement, warning all other competitors in contention to challenge him in a title match later that evening at WrestleMania. (WATCH) More on this story …

What will develop on the last Tuesday night before WrestleMania XXIV? Watch ECW on Sci Fi and find out, Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

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