This means 'Warrior'

This means 'Warrior'

BILOXI, Miss. -- Following ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero's massacre of Colin Delaney in the frail fighter's in-ring opportunity for a WWE contract, it seems like there will be no entrance music in the near future for the hopeful Superstar. More importantly, it appears that the "Mexican Warrior" was intent on sending a message about his coveted title on ECW on Sci Fi: Despite the unknown challenger that awaits him in the 24-Man Battle Royal, it will be Chavo's music that plays in victory at WrestleMania XXIV. (WATCH)

Oddly enough, it was the impending battle royal itself which got Delaney into serious trouble with the veteran Guerrero. The ECW Champion had to literally squeeze past the 400-pound Mark Henry to get into General Manager Armando Estrada's office where Chavo learned some bad news for his reign.

At WrestleMania, the 24-man over-the-top rope war to determine who will meet Chavo for the gold later that night will include Henry, along with several of the most massive contenders in sports-entertainment. Appearing less gladiator-like, the Mexican Warrior showed signs of severe caution until a much more slender (and seriously tender following JBL's concussion causing assault on Raw) Delaney arrived for a meeting with the GM to negotiate his future in ECW.

Looking to give Chavo a chance to blow off 24 Superstars' worth of steam, Estrada laid down an interesting challenge to Delaney: The ECW Champion against the Superstar wannabe; if Delaney could beat Guerrero, he'd receive a WWE contract. Despite the non-title clause that was quickly added to their match, reluctantly Delaney seized the opportunity to finally have his official place in sports-entertainment … along with a Colin-centric entrance video montage.

It was a matter of wrong place, wrong time for the meek competitor. Unfortunately, it didn't get much better later in the night.

With Delaney's extreme mentor, Tommy Dreamer, still recovering from their Extreme Rules Match for the WWE Tag Titles one week earlier, it was up to the slender contender alone to step into the ring with yet another champion this week. But as he told Tazz in an interview just moments before the biggest match of his (pending) career, Delaney was willing to put his body on the line if it meant fulfilling his dream.

To Colin's credit, the hopeful grappler withstood perhaps some of the most brutal punishment since first appearing on ECW on Sci Fi in mid-December. He even mounted a brief offensive over the crafty ECW Champion. However, the Mexican Warrior smelt blood and made an example out of his already wounded prey, delivering a relentless slew of moves learned from his family lineage.

Chavo landed his signature holds along with a tumultuous Gory Bomb for the victory. In one match in a single evening, Colin Delaney's lifelong dream of becoming a WWE Superstar was shattered at the hands of the ECW Champion. And, unless the typically merciless Estrada can find it in his blackened heart to give Delaney another chance, the bandage-swathed athlete may never be seen in the Land of the Extreme again.

After securing the decisive win, the ECW Champion sauntered past his fallen victim's broken body toward the locker room. But, while proudly admiring his glistening title, Chavo also stepped closer to his defense against one of 24 hungry competitors on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

With individuals roughly five times the size of Delaney in the battle royal -- like The Great Khali and latest addition, Big Daddy V -- the Mexican Warrior will need to be prepared for anything and anyone in less than two weeks. At WrestleMania XXIV, these Superstars won't be seeking a contract to compete; they'll be looking to become the next ECW Champion.

Who will defeat 23 other men en route to a title match against Chavo at The Granddaddy of Them All? Will the Land of the Extreme have a new gold bearer after WrestleMania? Tune in live on March, only on pay-per-view, to find out.

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