Golden Tribute

Golden Tribute

24-karat gold. Hearts of gold. Gold championships. 2006 World Series of Poker winner Jamie Gold. Regardless of where the word "gold" is used, it is always in an esteemed manner.

So it shouldn't be to anyone's surprise that ECW's Shelton Benjamin, an elite, hard-hitting Superstar and an example of pure athleticism, has proclaimed himself to be the "Gold Standard" of WWE. In fact, recent history suggests that his adoption of the valued criterion seems to have further fueled Shelton's competitive drive to be the best. However, you may be interested to know that every time the Gold Standard enters the ring, he offers an additional golden tribute -- this one to the U.S. troops, through the gold ribbons around his boots.

"You see [gold ribbons] on cars and everything," Benjamin explained. "I was on the very first tour of Iraq [for ‘WWE's Tribute to the Troops'], and it was a very eye-opening, very humbling experience for me. The things these guys are doing out there, the job they're doing for our country and what they're putting themselves and their families through … [the ribbon] is my little way of saying thank you on a weekly basis."

Benjamin hopes that by showing our fans his support for the troops, it will generate even more awareness.

"It's important to remind our fans -- Americans in general -- just what kinds of sacrifices people are making for us over there," he said. "This is my little way [of helping]; if anyone sees the ribbons on my ankles and it makes them think of some way they can help the troops, then I hope that's what happens."

Supporting the U.S. troops with the esteemed "gold" on his boots, it's no wonder the "Gold Standard" is glowing with so much confidence in the ring.

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