Dominant gene

Dominant gene

With the Land of the Extreme flooded by irreverent New Breeders and Superstars from both Raw and SmackDown, Extremists who proudly carry the flag of the extreme brand proved to be dominant on ECW on Sci Fi.

The foremost impressive display of dominance took place in the main event on Tuesday night as ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley held his own against two gold-hungry competitors -- Mr. Kennedy and Hardcore Holly -- in a Triple Threat Match.

In this type of contest, Lashley's title was in serious jeopardy as the champion could lose the gold without even being pinned. The ECW World Champion was also facing the man who beat him by disqualification days before at No Way Out in Kennedy, as well as the wily, rugged veteran Holly.

With the help of a steel chair, the Alabaman Extremist was within inches of beating Lashley until Kennedy interrupted the referee's pinfall count. The SmackDown star then tried to use the same chair on the champion who foresaw the attack and ducked, causing Kennedy to blast Holly. Lashley then capitalized, taking the fight to Kennedy and driving him to the mat with a running powerslam. Days after he nearly crippled Kennedy with a steel chair, the fighting champion pinned Kennedy in front of a sold-out crowd to silence the loudmouth from Green Bay and retain his title.

In yet another inter-promotional contest on ECW territory, CM Punk became the first Extremist to secure his position at WrestleMania 23 by defeating Johnny Nitro in a Money in the Bank qualifying match. Joining Raw qualifier Edge, the straightedge Extremist who craves competition will find just that on April 1 in the 6-man Ladder Match. With an open contract for a World Championship match suspended above the ring, Money in the Bank could be just the opportunity CM Punk needs to reach the pinnacle of ECW. (WATCH)

Another proud Extremist, Rob Van Dam, also gained some much-needed momentum for the ECW Originals by besting Kevin Thorn in singles action. This week, Thorn made his way to the ring with more than just Ariel by his side. The macabre Extremist and his fellow New Breed members came to the ring where they proclaimed their unity and selected Thorn to represent them in action tonight. This drew out the ECW Originals who chose RVD to engage the morbid New Breed representative.

With both camps looking on from either side of the ring, the match turned to bedlam as the New Breed attacked RVD, forcing the Originals to defend their ally. After ECW officials finally managed to clear the ringside area and send all non-competing Originals and New Breeders to the locker room area, Van Dam went head-to-head with his unorthodox opponent and slayed the vampire with an incredible Five-Star Frog Splash.

Finally, the Land of the Extreme enhanced its foreign relations policy with the arrival of former World Tag Team Champions La Resistance. Claiming to be the "greatest tag team of all time," the pair showcased their talents in action on ECW on Sci Fi by making extremely quick work of their opponents.

Just moments after Sylvan and Rene Dupree earned their first ECW victory, the unstable Snitsky made his way to the ring. Picking the bones of La Resistance's defeated opponents, the deranged monster left not one, but two men incapacitated on Tuesday night.

Want to relive the extreme action of ECW on Sci Fi? See every match in its entirety in this week's Hardcore Hangover.

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