The unlikely quartet of Elijah Burke, Matt Striker, Marcus Cor Von and Kevin Thorn must have made Mr. McMahon proud on Tuesday night as the New Breed managed to finally get the best of the ECW Originals on ECW on Sci Fi. With a pair of victories over ECW's founding Extremists, the New Breed may have gotten several steps closer to eradicating the Original ECW's legacy from modern-day sports-entertainment.

In two tag team encounters, the New Breed combined their individual propensities for underhanded strategy to rebound from last week's embarrassment at the hands of the ECW Originals. Early in the night, the relentless Tommy Dreamer and cane-swinging Sandman battled the unique tandem of Marcus Cor Von and Kevin Thorn in the first of two tag matches. Dreamer and Sandman took one hell of a fight to the New Breed combatants, but Thorn and Cor Von used their size and power advantage -- and Thorn's skull-adorned walking stick -- to defeat the Originals.

Cor Von and Thorn would resurface later as their comrades Elijah Burke -- the McMahon-endorsed "future of ECW" -- and Matt Striker battled Sabu and Rob Van Dam in other tag action. Weeks ago, Sabu drove Burke through a table with a leg drop from the top rope. Just as Sabu and other Originals started the war weeks back, the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac intended on finishing the war this week alongside the former ECW World Champion RVD.

The Originals brought their brand of extreme to their young rivals until an overzealous Sabu misconnected with the ropes during an intricate offensive move. Burke capitalized and stole the victory, but given the New Breed's tainted success against their Original Extremist counterparts on ECW on Sci Fi, it's safe to suspect that the war is far from over.

In addition to the conflict between the Originals and the New Breed, ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley earned a decisive and hard-fought victory over Hardcore Holly this week in the champ's first-ever Extreme Rules Match. Months ago, Holly established himself in ECW by enduring one of the grisliest Extreme Rules battles ever seen by competing with 24 stitches worth of wound in his back. Not intimidated, Lashley sought retribution following last week's post-match attack from the Alabaman Extremist and the monstrous Snitsky.

Ultimately, Lashley endured a grueling weapons-filled contest to once again prove why he is ECW's flag-bearer, but the champion's night wouldn't end there. After his match, Lashley met SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long in the locker room area. Long expressed how proud he has been watching Lashley achieve such accolades in the Land of the Extreme. The GM then extended a warm invitation to Lashley's original stomping grounds: Friday Night SmackDown. Lashley agreed to head back to where it all started for him, but what will the ECW World Champion's visit mean to the SmackDown Superstars? (WATCH)

One man who might be watching Lashley's Friday night visit away from ECW is the deranged Snitsky. After leveling the ECW World Champion the week before on his ECW on Sci Fi debut, the newest Extremist made his mark yet again on Tuesday night -- this time on CM Punk. Just moments after Punk scored a win over his longtime rival Mike Knox, Snitsky charged to the ring -- just as he had the week before -- and dropped the straightedge competitor with a damaging boot to the head. (WATCH)

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