Buenas noches, Chavo

Buenas noches, Chavo

HOUSTON -- Still nursing a sinus infection, well spread rash and residual effects of a jellyfish's sting, Chavo Guerrero added another ache to his body on ECW on Sci Fi, courtesy of CM Punk. With only a handful of days to go before their collision for the ECW Championship at No Way Out, the Straightedge Superstar put Chavo out with the Go to Sleep, giving the champion the chance to at least dream of holding the gold beyond this Sunday night. (WATCH)

Before his CM Punk-imposed nap, a sniffling Guerrero (not "sniveling" -- though he's known for that, too) opened ECW on Sci Fi by addressing the man who sent him for a dip in the Gulf of Mexico last week. Still ailing from his painful encounter with a scyphozoan, the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" claimed he didn't want to wait for No Way Out; Chavo wanted to face CM Punk on Sci Fi.

However, fishily timed was ECW General Manager Armando Estrada's interruption, as the GM ruled against Chavo's mid-sneeze demands and instead placed Punk in a tune-up match against the 400-pound Mark Henry. The ECW Champion, on the other hand, was given the night off to recuperate from his itching spell and nasal drip.

Oddly enough, all his body scratching seemed to subside at the end of the night when Chavo appeared in the corner of the World's Strongest Man for Henry's main event collision with CM Punk.

Shouting at his tattooed rival from ringside, Guerrero looked on as Punk used his speed, dexterity and martial arts education to weaken his burly opponent. The Straightedge Superstar continued this barrage until the World's Strongest Man managed to wrap his girthy paws around Punk, choking him out on the ring ropes.

Henry's refusal to break the hold after ECW official Scott Armstrong's count caused the referee to disqualify the mighty Superstar. Moments later, CM Punk recovered and used his agility to force Henry to the outside, while Chavo got closer to the action from the apron. This enabled the No Way Out challenger to drag Guerrero into the ring and execute his signature knock-out blow -- which could very well be the champion's end on Sunday.

Just as a mariachi garbed Punk did weeks ago after crashing Chavo's fiesta, the Straightedge Superstar raised the ECW Title over the sleeping body of the current champion. This lasting image is not unfamiliar to ECW fans -- especially in the latter half of 2007 with CM Punk as ECW Champion.

Could the Straightedge Superstar fulfill his recent campaign to once again bear the gold in the Land of the Extreme? Or will Chavo Guerrero be prepared for Punk come Sunday in Las Vegas, where the entire "Guerrero clan" will be on hand?

Catch No Way Out -- the final pay-per-view event before WrestleMania XXIV -- live this Sunday at 8/7 CT. And, be sure to check back with WWE.com all weekend long for live video updates and much more from Las Vegas, the site of No Way Out 2008.

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