Playing for payback

Playing for payback

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas -- Revenge was the theme Tuesday night in the sold-out American Bank Center, whether Superstars were looking for payback in retribution of lost gold or for damaged pride.

For months, yo-yo-like Colin Delaney has been the epitome of effort, rising back to his feet after every time he's been knocked down. His desire -- in spite of physical consequences -- has been admirable, to say the least. Still, parents may hesitate to call him role model material for fear of their children experiencing similar pain. Last week, fortunes changed when Tommy Dreamer rushed to Delaney's side to fight off attacks from the WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison & The Miz.

This week, Dreamer promised to exact revenge on the champions, but he fell short when he took on the Shaman of Sexy in one-on-one action. When The Miz attacked Delaney outside of the ring, it distracted Dreamer long enough for Morrison to cover him. Regardless of the ECW Original's loss, things are looking up for the hopeful Superstar, now that he has a friend in a high place.

Kelly Kelly and Michelle McCool make up another recent friendship based on watching each other's backs. Their rivals prevailed once again, though, and may continue to now that Victoria & Layla appear to have drafted Lena Yada's services. Lena proved to be valuable when she tripped up Kelly, leading to Victoria's cover and three-count on the blonde.

In other ECW action, Kofi Kingston remained undefeated since joining the roster. His win against James Curtis marked his third in as many tries as he has stayed true to his promise of overcoming any trouble he may come across in paradise.

Just before Kingston's contest, Joey Styles sat down with Stevie Richards, who announced great news -- well, great for everyone except those who stand in the way of the recovered competitor. The ECW Original is primed to make his return to ECW on Sci Fi next week. His homecoming takes place nine months after his injury that landed him in the hospital for throat surgery. (WATCHLearn more about Stevie's surgery ...

The night's main event set the stage for No Way Out. CM Punk tossed ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero into the Gulf of Mexico. The Straightedge Superstar also has a title opportunity against his successor at the next pay-per-view event. (WATCHMore on this story …

What further developments will take place just five days before the pay-per-view? Find out on ECW on Sci Fi, Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

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