The Gold Standard shines

The Gold Standard shines

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Shelton Benjamin once again proved he's ECW's "Gold Standard" on Tuesday night when he defeated Nunzio. "Ain't no stopping me now!" Benjamin proclaimed after his victory. It seems Benjamin really is speaking the truth.

Since making his ECW debut last November, Benjamin has been undefeated. What's next for the three-time Intercontinental Champion and two-time Tag Team Champion who has secured a spot in the Royal Rumble? Clearly, Benjamin's eyes are set on gold in 2008.

The Highlanders paid a visit to the Land of the Extreme on Tuesday night, facing off against WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & Morrison. The Tag Champs, who successfully defended their titles last week on ECW, once again reigned supreme, beating Rory & Robbie McAllister in non-title competition.

Colin Delaney returned to ECW for the fourth time when he faced another one of SmackDown's giants, Kane, on Tuesday night. The Big Red Machine quickly demolished Delaney. Will the youngster have enough guts to revisit the Land of the Extreme for a fifth time?

Also on ECW, our fans caught another glimpse of Kofi Kingston, the Jamaican Superstar who has promised to bring trouble to paradise. Kingston will finally make landfall on ECW next week. Just what does he have in store for Tuesday nights? (WATCH)

Finally, World Champion Edge brought his "Cutting Edge" talk show to ECW, featuring special guest, ECW Champion CM Punk. Later that night, Edge nailed Punk with the World Heavyweight Championship, and Guerrero finally beat Punk to become the No. 1 contender for the ECW Title. (WATCH) Read more…

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