Lash and burn

Lash and burn

The first edition of ECW on Sci Fi in 2007 ended with an unbelievable crash that rocked the Land of the Extreme as the bodies of both the ECW World Champion Lashley and Rob Van Dam were taken to the absolute limit.

A valiant champion, Lashley retained the gold against Van Dam, who proved yet again that he is willing to put his body on the line for the ECW World Title. Though Lashley emerged with the championship, no man's hand was raised at the close of this contest.

In Van Dam's first one-on-one championship opportunity since being screwed out of the gold six months ago, the challenger countered the champion's size and strength advantage with speed and agility. After several minutes of exhaustive combat, the two fought to the outside where Van Dam prepared to land an aerial attack on Lashley's body as it lay strewn across the announce table. Lashley stood up in time, leaving RVD with just enough time to recalculate his strategy and deliver a high-risk maneuver to the champion from the apron.

This proved to be the final blow that would incapacitate the Extremists. Seeing the wreckage at ringside, the referee was compelled to end the dream match that so many ECW fans voted for on just weeks ago. Thus, the clash between Lashley and the man selected by ECW fans to battle for the gold, RVD, came to a tumultuous close.

One man who was certainly watching the collision for the ECW World Title was ECW's Impact Player Test. One of the three candidates in the poll to determine Lashley's opponent, Test lost the vote but defeated Sabu and RVD in a Triple Threat Match weeks ago. This week, the embittered Extremist told the ECW fans that he did not need their support and promised to make impact -- which he did by defeating Sabu one-on-one.

Another man on hand for the battle for the ECW World Title was Vladimir Kozlov, who has been seen on Raw and SmackDown over the last several weeks. Interviewed by Tazz, Kozlov expressed his appreciation for the extreme style of ECW, yet confidently claimed that he -- a Russian Mixed Martial Arts champion -- could beat both Lashley and Van Dam. (WATCH)

It was a rocky start to the New Year for Sabu, but another ECW Original Tommy Dreamer made a pledge via satellite to retaliate against The Great Khali in 2007. After Khali laid Dreamer out weeks ago, the recuperating Extremist vowed to come back from this beating and chop down the Punjabi giant once and for all. (WATCH)

Also this week, ECW fans learned that after weeks of amassed animosity, Hardcore Holly and CM Punk will meet in singles competition live next Tuesday night. With Holly standing by, Matt Striker provided an informative lesson about next week's edition of ECW on Sci Fi as he declared that the rugged Alabaman would teach a lesson of his own to Punk.

In other action, the "Knock-Out/Tap-Out Connection" Elijah Burke and Sylvester Terkay brutalized the F.B.I. in tag team action. Assaulting the two Paesans with a barrage of hard blows from Burke and mauling holds from Terkay, the duo won as the man-bear forced Tony Mamaluke to tap out.

Additionally, former rivals came face-to-face as Kevin Thorn defeated Balls Mahoney with a charging elbow to the jaw, while ring veteran Brad Armstrong again sat alongside Joey Styles and Tazz on commentary.

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