Extreme resolutions

Extreme resolutions

RICHMOND, Va. -- As 2008 commenced, there was not a person in the Land of the Extreme who didn't plan on making sure this would be his year. For Chavo Guerrero and others who made such a bold resolution, however, 2008 didn't exactly start off according to plan.

Kelly Kelly had spent much of the final months in 2007 fighting off The Miz's attempts to make her life a living hell. She had done a good job until recently, earning unexpected victories against her opponents, but the self-proclaimed "chick magnet" found a way to get to the blonde with Layla & Victoria.

Tuesday night, The Miz took Layla and added co-WWE Tag Team Champion John Morrison to his team of three to take on Kelly, Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang. Thanks to the help from her supporting cast, Kelly was able to start off 2008 the right way when Yang pinned The Miz. This win makes it two straight for the duo of Moore & Yang, who defeated the WWE Tag Team Champions two weeks ago. If things continue in this direction, gold may not be The Miz & John Morrison's color this year.

Later in the evening, Colin Delaney took part in his second match ever, in as many Tuesday nights. And if he didn't think his first match against Shelton Benjamin could have been worse, he was wrong. Big Daddy V made a meal out of Delaney, just moments after the athlete admitted how nervous he was in an interview with Tazz.

Speaking of Delaney's opponent from last week, Shelton Benjamin continued to prove to our fans that he is ECW's "Gold Standard" when he defeated James Curtis. Benjamin remains undefeated since joining the ECW roster. With three Intercontinental Championships and two WWE Tag Team Titles on his résumé, Shelton is ready to add the ECW Championship to his collection of gold.

Chavo Guerrero got his opportunity to finish the job he started two weeks ago on ECW Champion CM Punk. But even with the new year, time wasn't on Chavo's side, as he was counted out in a contest that, if won, would have delivered a chance at the title. More on this story… (WATCH)

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