Is Colin Delaney delirious?

Is Colin Delaney delirious?

Trying to contemplate why Colin Delaney continues to climb into the ring after constantly being destroyed is like trying to piece together exactly what Kelly Kelly could possibly see in Balls Mahoney -- it's just not worth the brainpower.

First, let's take a look at Delaney: The guy looks like the last pick in a middle-school dodge ball game. He's collected zero wins in two official WWE contests, and owns feeble mat skills at best. But even with those dismal and depressing truths, it's also important to take note of his heart, by far the strongest part of his body.

While watching a Colin Delaney match can be as one sided as a singles match with an old school Wrestling Buddy doll, he still entertains us. Holding steadfast to the hope that he'll figure out a way to thwart off opponents like Big Daddy V, The Dominating Force in WWE, or Shelton Benjamin, a proven amateur wrestling standout, demonstrates Delaney's commitment to the sport. He never quit and never ran away from the ring.

And despite how unintelligent Delaney's choice of battling Superstars who are out of his league may seem to the average fan, he has to earn some iota of respect for living out his dream. Granted he's living it out with bags of ice attached to his extremities and black and blue marks spanning his entire scrawny frame, but he's still living it. 

And if Delaney begins to win matches, his persistence will have paid off. From there, the future could be bright for the wiry young man. In the past, undersized competitors like Rey Mysterio and Paul London & Brian Kendrick have proven to be worthy of carrying championships -- with Rey winning the World Championship and London & Kendrick holding the WWE Tag Team Championship for more than a  year. Is it possible for someone like Colin Delaney to join that exclusive club?

Of course, that is looking well into the future. In order to attain this type -- or any type -- of significance in sports-entertainment means Delaney will have to start learning how to win. If not he could wind up on the cutting room floor, and as with any competitive sport, the clock is ticking.

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