Chavo's second chance

Chavo's second chance

Like a shark patiently stalking its prey, Chavo Guerrero has circled the wagons of championship gold since 2008 commenced.

As last year came to an end, Chavo targeted the ECW Title when he attacked the brand's champion, CM Punk, during a main event match against Montel Vontavious Porter. Since then, his eyes have remained set on the Straightedge Superstar's prize, as well as on the World Heavyweight Championship.

Guerrero failed to finish the deal when he faced CM Punk on the last ECW on Sci Fi with a title opportunity on the line. But his gold lust stayed steady. On SmackDown, he came closer than anyone to winning the Beat the Clock competition … except for Rey Mysterio. Once again, he came up just a hair shy, this time of becoming the No. 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship.

In just one week, Chavo came extremely close to having two title opportunities, which was enough to earn him a second chance this week at the ECW Championship. He would love to use this contest to shut Punk up, especially after the Straightedge Superstar offered a New Year's Resolution for Chavo in WWE Mobile After the Bell.

"Chavo Guerrero, don't talk a big game if you can't back it up," he said. "You're not the ECW Champion. I still am. If you want another shot, you know where to find me, but I have a feeling the results will be exactly the same."

Will Guerrero pick Tuesday night as his time to move in for the kill? Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT to find out.

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