Prepping for Dismember is on the scene in Augusta, Ga., today, the site of December to Dismember. Check back for stories on the events and happenings taking place prior to tonight's pay-per-view.

7:55 p.m.
Just moments before December to Dismember went live on pay-per-view, Stevie Richards defeated Rene Dupree in a non-televised match in front of the rabid ECW fans in the James Brown Arena.


7:30 p.m.
MNM are an A-list trio, and clearly aren't happy with the accommodations provided for them tonight. "Ugh, how can anyone feel comfortable in here?" Melina asked as they made their way down the hall. "I can't wait to get out of here," added a disgusted Nitro.


7:02 p.m.
In a dark corner of the arena, Kevin Thorn & Ariel "prepared" for action by engaging in a little dark activity. As disturbing as this may look, the shrieks heard after we left the room were even more bizarre.


5:10 p.m.
Stevie Richards is in catering. A crowd is gathered laughing hysterically as Stevie tells a story about Balls Mahoney, a fishing boat, a great white shark and a spork. "I live to entertain," he says, "and I'm all about having fun."


3:30 p.m.

In between Budweisers, Sandman approached a pack of screaming ECW fans and signed autographs. Sandman is one of the most revered Originals on the ECW roster and is always willing to hang out with his fans.


1:05 p.m.

With seven hours until December to Dismember goes live, Balls Mahoney is relaxing just outside the arena. Seated on a beat-up chair in a dingy corner of the loading dock, the ECW Original is deeply engrossed in a novel. Balls is dressed in his Sunday football best, and the die-hard Giants fan lamented the lack of a TV in the building. "Hey, I gotta do something to relax," he said.


11:45 a.m.
"They're not serious about competing in that, are they?" asked an Augusta native who helped construct the awe-inspiring apparatus dangling from the James Brown Arena ceiling. The Chamber itself looks to be more dangerous than ever, and the steel chains of its walls are pulled so tight that there little room for friction. Imagining the atmosphere inside of the Extreme Elimination Chamber tonight might be enough to make one queasy; the steel chair, crowbar, table and barbed-wire baseball bat available to the competitors make it just that much more dangerous.


11:05 a.m.

On a dreary, overcast day in Augusta, Ga., several die-hard ECW fans are lined up outside the James Brown Arena. They're early, eight hours early to be exact, but are hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite Extremists or Divas arriving. Not even the dreariness of the weather can stop these folks; just like their heroes, they too are extreme. Sure enough, as MNM arrive, the fans begin to chant the Hardys' names at them; Nitro, ever the antagonist, yells "you hate us now, but I bet you'd take an autograph if I bothered to give you one."

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