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December to Dismember features one of the most unique and grueling contests in sports-entertainment history - the Extreme Elimination Chamber. ECW World Champion, Big Show, has the unenviable task of defending his gold in the Chamber later tonight. Throughout the afternoon, is following the Big Show as he prepares for one of the most difficult matches of his career.


10:15 p.m.
Moments after losing the ECW World Title to Bobby Lashley, a bruised, bloody and battered ex-ECW World Champion limped away from the ring.


9:38 p.m.
Big Show made his way to the ring and entered the Chamber. Whether or not he'll be ECW World Champion afterwards is unknown, but the concentration and determination plastered on his face as he strutted to the ring said that he's not going to leave the James Brown Arena without leaving his blood and sweat in defense of his World Title.


7:25 p.m.
After getting away from the arena for some down time, Big Show re-entered and the semi-light mood he had in his bus is now all but extinct.


6:50 p.m.

Big Show cleaned his teeth and checked Sunday football scores while he sat in his bus an hour before the event. After he finished brushing his teeth he went to and watched his opponents' talk about the Extreme Elimination Chamber. Whether he knew it or not, after each video ended he eyed his ECW World Title; perhaps a subconscious reminder of what's at stake when he steps into the Chamber tonight.


5:35 p.m.

Big Show walked around the set, quietly taking in the atmosphere of the empty arena. For once, he encountered something even larger than he is.


4:15 p.m.

When he saw the Chamber he began making calls and writing text messages on his phone. The smile in the picture didn't last long. Most of his conversation was about how surprised he was at the "treacherous contraption" he'd have to compete in later. To whoever he spoke with, he vowed a win and that he'd leave Georgia with his ECW Title in hand.


3:35 p.m.

Paul Heyman approached Big Show as he tried to make his way towards the ring. Their conversation was very secretive, and after a few photographs from photographers, Heyman ushered his champion into secluded quarters and locked the door behind him.


2:45 p.m.
The local Augusta workers at the concession stands were shocked at Big Show's mammoth size as he passed them. It was obvious they were staring, but he never acknowledged it.


2:00 p.m.
When his meal was finished, Test came up to Big Show and the two shook hands, smiled and joked for a moment. Then the mood drastically switched. Test then whispered something in the champion's ear, looked around and continued down the hall. Big Show paused for a minute, took a breath and continued on his way.


1:30 p.m.

After arriving at the James Brown Arena at approximately 1:30 p.m., Big Show made himself a meal at the arena's catering. The amount of food needed to fuel the Extreme Giant's appetite could feed a small army, and the ECW Champion polished off every bite.



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