Chamber of horrors

At this Sunday's December to Dismember, for the very first time ever, six Extremists will torture their souls in an Extreme Elimination Chamber Match in pursuit of the ECW World Title.

As if the combination of the Extreme Giant, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, CM Punk, Test and Lashley was not toxic enough, this championship encounter will take place within one of the most dreaded structures in all of sports-entertainment. To add more brutality to the warfare, there will be one very crucial twist: extreme weaponry.

The main event of December to Dismember will begin with two competitors engaging in combat for five full minutes. The other imprisoned participants will look on from their pods toting one of four weapons: a steel chair, table, crowbar or barbed wire baseball bat.

At the five minute mark, one of the pod doors will open at random and the next man will enter the hellacious battle. This will continue for the duration of the match as each five minutes thereafter, another combatant is released with another lethal weapon.

"The Elimination Chamber is ruthless," said World Heavyweight Champion Batista. "It's a man-made contraption of evil. With weapons, that gives anybody -- at any given time -- the advantage."

In 2005, Batista stepped into a traditional Elimination Chamber Match not with filled with savage instruments for inflicting additional pain. Describing the intensity conjured by a competitor going into a match of this nature, the Animal said he gives the advantage to former SmackDown cohort Lashley.

"When you're locked in those [pods], you want to get out so bad and you want to get in the mix and fight," Batista said. "There's nothing you can do and there's no way a human being can open those doors on their own. You become ravenous."

Before the splendor of his royal reign, King Booker participated in the first Chamber match in 2002. According to SmackDown's majesty, there is no place in his kingdom for a structure as vile as the one that will be erected on Sunday.

"With so much reinforced steel, you must put yourself in a beastly frame of mind where you know there will be a lot of pain involved," offered the King. "As when slaying any dragon, to be the last man standing, you have to be able to go through it and endure that pain."

Which man will be able to endure the pain described by King Booker this Sunday? Can anyone survive with the threat of the Chamber, its weapons and the Extremists themselves? Who will leave August, Ga. with the ECW World Title? Will the gold that's been slung over the massive shoulder of Big Show for the past five months stay with the Extreme Giant? Or can one of the other five Extremists change the course of ECW's future?

The only way to find out is to tune in to ECW's first pay-per-view since its rebirth on Sci Fi, live this Sunday at 8/7 CT.


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