A Sweet pick

A Sweet pick

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- You, the electorate of Cyber Sunday, have spoken, and you've made your dream come true by picking Shawn Michaels to battle Randy Orton tonight for the WWE Championship.

HBK lobbied hard for your vote, and you listened, picking him over Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy and Mr. Kennedy. You granted WWE Champion Randy Orton his wish, as he told WWE.com that he hoped Michaels would win the Cyber Sunday vote so he could face him tonight.

The Showstopper emerged as a frontrunner by knocking out Orton with Sweet Chin Music for three straight weeks on Raw. These two have a long, storied rivalry that is very personal. Michaels has wanted revenge on Orton since the Legend Killer tried to end his career by giving him a severe concussion last May at Judgment Day. He believes he would hurt Orton most by taking away what he holds most dear --the WWE Championship he just won last month at No Mercy.

Orton wants to vanquish HBK once and for all. For months, the third-generation Superstar told everyone in WWE that he had ended Michaels' career, only to see him reemerge as possibly the greatest threat to his young title reign. HBK has dampened Orton's reputation as a Legend Killer, and the WWE Champion feels like he needs to save face -- and send a clear message to all of WWE -- by decimating Michaels tonight at Cyber Sunday.

Who will leave Cyber Sunday as WWE Champion? Cyber Sunday is already a dream come true for you, our fans, but will it be a nightmare for Michaels or Orton. Stay with Cyber Sunday and WWE.com to find out.

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