Rivalry revisited

Rivalry revisited

When WWE Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy & MVP step into the ring at Cyber Sunday, the two will once again forgo their partnership to continue the rivalry that has yet to prove who the better man is.

The difference between this altercation and the others that Hardy and Porter have taken part in is that neither Matt nor his cocky counterpart has the power to decide what this competition will be. That choice is in your hands -- literally. (VOTE NOW)

Cyber Sunday offers you the opportunity to name the contest between Matt Hardy and MVP, and your choices are: Wrestling Match, Boxing Match or a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Match.

A Wrestling Match between the two would be Matt Hardy's dream come true, and MVP's nightmare. In a Wrestling Match, the two will square off one-on-one in the ring, further fueling Hardy's quest to prove he is deserving of another opportunity at MVP's United States Championship. Furthermore, the Ballin' Superstar can't talk his way out of it or put the focus on the WWE Tag Team Titles as he has done in the past. On the flip side, if MVP pulls out the victory, Matt Hardy may find himself out of chances to claim his first major singles gold.

Another match you have the power to choose is Matt Hardy and MVP in a Boxing Match. With this option, you will see the match that was to take place at Saturday Night's Main Event, before the Franchise Playa suddenly called in Evander Holyfield to be his surrogate. Hardy's pugilistic skills may have been no match for the four-time Heavyweight Champion Holyfield, but Matt never lost and MVP's plan backfired when he was the person KO'd by "The Real Deal." How many rounds will the Boxing Match be? Can Hardy transform his encounter with Holyfield into an advantage if he and MVP put the gloves on and their dukes up?

Using your vote to see Matt Hardy and MVP compete in a Mixed Martial Arts Match is also an option, and perhaps the most intriguing one. Neither has any known experience in this type of contest, and the uncontrolled atmosphere of an MMA fight could lead to a dangerous conflict between the young North Carolinian and the Ballin' Superstar at Cyber Sunday. In the world of MMA, the offense is unique in that there are no clearly defined rules, so anything goes. A winner is declared when his opponent is knocked out, injured or submits. Are Matt Hardy and MVP willing to put their bodies on the line in a MMA Match to one-up each other?

Your voting power will determine how Matt Hardy and MVP will interact against each other at WWE's interactive pay-per-view. How you choose to use that power is up to you.

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