A Killer choice

A Killer choice

After being left face down by Sweet Chin Music for two straight weeks, you'd think the last person Randy Orton wants to see in his WWE Championship Match at Cyber Sunday is Shawn Michaels. Think again.

"I want Shawn Michaels to win the voting," Orton said. "I thought I ended his career. I told everyone I had ended his career, put him out for good. Obviously, I didn't get the job done."

Orton was stunned when HBK returned to Raw during his appreciation ceremony two weeks ago and knocked him out with Sweet Chin Music. He had put Michaels out with a severe concussion last May and had told everyone that he had ended The Showstopper's career.

But when HBK showed Orton that his career was indeed still alive and well, he deflated the third-generation Superstar's career-killing reputation. And when he emerged as a potential opponent at Cyber Sunday on Oct. 28, he became perhaps the greatest threat to Orton's WWE Championship reign. Michaels drove that point home to Orton emphatically Monday night in the United Kingdom with a repeated performance of Sweet Chin Music.

As crazy as it sounds, Orton actually wants you to pick Michaels to face him at Cyber Sunday so he can eliminate him once and for all.

"I want Shawn Michaels to get in that ring with me," he said. "I want to show everyone that I can put him out for good ... and I will put Shawn Michaels out for good at Cyber Sunday."

Orton wants to face Michaels instead of Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy or Mr. Kennedy simply because he is enraged. Unlike Hardy and Kennedy, the Legend Killer's rivalry with HBK is personal. In Orton's mind, he should be celebrating the beginning of his "one-man dynasty" as WWE Champion and not worrying about Michaels. Instead, The Showstopper has stolen his spotlight and his credibility -- and Orton wants to send a decisive message to the Raw locker room and all of WWE at Cyber Sunday.

By beating HBK at Cyber Sunday, Orton would show that his title reign is not a fluke and extinguish Michaels' hopes of vengeance. In his mind, he would also prove that The Showstopper's time in the spotlight is over, and that the era of the Legend Killer has truly arrived. What better way to prove your detractors wrong -- and show-up your chief rival's fans -- by embarrassing him in a match they requested?

Randy Orton has shown that he is most dangerous when he thinks he has a point to prove. At Cyber Sunday, he knows you have the power and wants to use Shawn Michaels to shove in your face, RKO-style.

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