Dark-horse candidates?

Dark-horse candidates?

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Jeff Hardy and Mr. Kennedy don't agree on much -- if anything -- at all. But they both believe that WWE Champion Randy Orton has overlooked them as serious potential threats to his title at Cyber Sunday.

Sunday, we will find out who you, the voters, selected to face the Legend Killer for the WWE Championship. Hardy, Kennedy and Shawn Michaels have all lobbied hard for your vote, but HBK might just be the frontrunner after downing Orton with Sweet Chin Music three weeks in a row.

And as ridiculous as it sounds, Orton wants The Showstopper to be the frontrunner. For all we know, the WWE Champion may be voting repeatedly for Michaels, as he told WWE.com recently that he wants to face HBK at Cyber Sunday. Read the full story …

Naturally, this didn't sit too well with Hardy and Kennedy, who have never held the WWE Championship and believe it's their time to get an opportunity at sports-entertainment's most coveted trophy. Kennedy, in his typically loud and abrasive manner, repeated his long list of reasons why selecting him to face Orton should be a no-brainer for Cyber Sunday voters.

"Ignorance is bliss and apparently, Randy is a little bit ignorant if he hasn't mentioned me," he said. "Jeff Hardy? Every time I step in the ring with Jeff Hardy, I beat Jeff Hardy. And Shawn Michaels? He's living off his past reputation. It's time for the future of sports-entertainment. The future of sports-entertainment has arrived, and his name is MRRRR. KENNEDDDDYYY!!!!"

As strong as Mr. Kennedy's points are, like any typical politician on the campaign trail, he may be spinning the truth -- or outright lying in some cases. He hasn't beaten Jeff Hardy every time they've collided in the ring. Jeff pinned him twice on Raw in the weeks leading up to Cyber Sunday.

But that's just one reason the four-time Intercontinental and six-time World Tag Team Champion believes Orton shouldn't be too focused on Shawn Michaels. There's new, hungry blood waiting to taste WWE Championship gold.

"He probably has [overlooked me] because that's just how Randy Orton is," Hardy said. "But I kind of sense it is time for some new blood in the WWE Title scene. I do have sort of a youth advantage on Shawn even though I am beat-up."

It's almost understandable if Orton is hyperfocused on HBK at Cyber Sunday. Michaels has embarrassed him and extinguished his reputation as the Legend Killer. Orton thought he ended HBK's career, only to see him return with a vengeance and dampen what he believes should be the beginning of his "one-man dynasty" as WWE Champion. Unlike Hardy and Kennedy, Orton's issues with HBK are personal. He believes he has to finish the job he started on HBK five months ago and prove a decisive point to you, the voters, and everyone in WWE.

Though Kennedy is offended that HBK occupies so much of Orton's spotlight, he is also delighted. That means Orton is vulnerable, just like the Green Bay, Wis. native's past victims.

"Look at all the people I've defeated in the past two years," Kennedy said. "Seven world champions overlooked me -- looked past me. That's why I defeated seven other competitors at WrestleMania and won Money in the Bank. That's why I have victories over Undertaker, Batista and Rey Mysterio … and the list goes on. I'm the guy that single-handedly took out Bobby Lashley."

"So you know what? I think it's great that Randy Orton is overlooking me because that's when I'll pop up. And when he least expects it, I'll take away that WWE Championship."

The WWE Championship is in your hands at Cyber Sunday. Take advantage of this once-a-year event, and vote now and as often as you'd like. Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy and Mr. Kennedy will be watching the polls closely.


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