Mr. McMahon the X-factor in Cyber Sunday battle

Mr. McMahon the X-factor in Cyber Sunday battle

A Steel Cage Match. A First Blood Match. A Street Fight. For Triple H and Umaga at Cyber Sunday, all three paths of pain have things in common -- they each provide creative means of destruction for both participants.

All provide an anything-goes environment and will test the endurance of the Samoan Bulldozer and The Game in the nation's capital. Only the fans will decide which forum the fighters will compete in, and that won't be known until minutes before the match.

But with all three choices allowing for no disqualifications, Triple H might just need eyes in the back of his head this Sunday night. It's no secret that there is one man who wants to see Umaga end The Game more than anybody else, and that man is Mr. McMahon. That being said, don't be surprised to see the Chairman insert himself into the action if Triple H somehow finds a way to break down the Samoan Bulldozer at Cyber Sunday.

Triple H has long been the thorn in the paw of the Chairman, and continued his role as chief tormentor upon his return in August. Recently, he's led the charge on mocking Mr. McMahon over the discovery of his bastard son, Hornswoggle. And the Chairman also recruited the Samoan savage -- already harboring a grudge against Triple H for a vicious attack months ago -- to finally put the nail, or Samoan Spike, in the coffin of the 11-time World Champion.

While there's no evidence to prove that the Chairman himself chose these three match types for Cyber Sunday voting to ensure his involvement, locker room sources wonder if he has a master plan for this Sunday night to make sure The Game succumbs to the McMahon-backed monster.

But be sure that Triple H, the master ring tactician and Cerebral Assassin, will likely have a backup plan to resort to if Mr. McMahon interjects himself into the chosen match.

Will Mr. McMahon be the X-factor this Sunday night? Order Cyber Sunday live on pay-per-view to find out. Also, be sure to have your voice heard and vote for every Cyber Sunday match. Vote now!

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