Time for one more Showstopping performance

Time for one more Showstopping performance

As he explained after Raw went off the air Monday, HBK believes you, the voters, and his longtime record of reliability are the most important reasons he should be chosen to face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Cyber Sunday instead of Jeff Hardy and Mr. Kennedy. (Watch the WWE on AT&T Mobile Exclusive)

"The good fans of WWE know that they can trust The Showstopper," Michaels said. "They know that no matter how much I'm beat-up, no matter how tired I am, how much I don't want to go to work, that if they call on me, The Showstopper will deliver. Try as I might, I just can't get enough of all you, day-in, day-out, week after week, year after year helping build the legend and legacy that is HBK."

And legacy is just one more incentive for Michaels in his quest to face Orton this Sunday. HBK has admitted that his career at this point is not about championships. The four-time world champion and perennial purveyor of classic matches arguably doesn't need another WWE Championship to assure his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame someday. He and Triple H and Undertaker have their wings reserved.

But taking the WWE Championship from Orton -- the man who tried to end his career five months ago -- would be the best revenge for HBK and perhaps one of his greatest highlights ever. The Legend Killer tried to make an example of HBK and use him as a steppingstone. Orton brought HBK's wife to tears and tried to rob Michaels of his ability to enjoy what he holds most dear -- his family. So, The Showstopper wants to take away Orton's most cherished possession, the WWE Championship, and he wants you, the Cyber Sunday voters, to help him.

Three straight weeks of Sweet Chin Music to Orton just might make Michaels a frontrunner in the race for the WWE Championship opportunity at Cyber Sunday. However, Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy and Mr. Kennedy have made their own compelling arguments to face Orton. And maybe their time to battle for the WWE Championship is now. But who knows how many more opportunities The Showstopper has left before there is a final curtain call?

The power is in your hands. You will decide whether HBK will get a chance at redemption. There are only a few days left -- vote now and vote often.


WATCH: Orton's three potential challengers make their case.

VOTE: Who should face WWE Champion Randy Orton at Cyber Sunday?

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